The Outreach Opportunities Fund Committee selects outside organizations to receive a portion of the Sunday offering.

Outreach Opportunities Fund (OOF)

Chair: Melody Mason 

Statement of Purpose:

To distribute 25% of funds collected during the Sunday service to community charities, both those that are independent of the church and those that have some connection to the work of church committees. Priority is given to organizations undertaking social justice, refugee support and settlement and environmental sustainability work with a focus on vulnerable or other marginalized communities. Preference for funding is given to groups working primarily in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

The Environment Committee of UCV has nominated West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) as the next recipient for funding from the Outreach Opportunities Fund. Funding will be from the beginning of February through May 2019.

Since 1974, WCEL has successfully worked with communities, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and all levels of government to develop proactive legal solutions to protect and sustain the environment. In particular, through its RELAW Project, it has supported First Nations in articulating, revitalizing and applying their laws to protect land, air and water. It has played a leadership role in developing models for co-governance in BC and Canada, and in establishing federal and provincial environmental laws that advance reconciliation. WCEL also offers free legal advice and support to groups and individuals who are trying to protect the environment.


Steven Epperson, Carolyn Grant, Melody Mason and Bruce McIvor

Activities and Accomplishments

In 2017-2018, OOF distributed a total over $8000 to the following organisations:

  • RAVEN Trust
  • Qmunity
  • Portland Hotel Society (to be allocated to the work of the Overdose Prevention Society)
  • Kiwassa Neighbourhood House (to be allocated to Warriors Against Violence activities)
  • Community Legal Assistance Society
  • Orhpaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society
  • Rainbow Refugee Coalition

Representatives from the above organizations gave a short presentation to the congregation on the purpose of their work.

Future Plans

Three organisations will be selected to receive funds from OOF during the next year. In the past, the  committee has chosen the recipients but from this summer we are asking members of the congregation to nominate local charities for consideration by the committee. Rainbow Refugees was the first nomination from a member of the congregation to receive OOF funding, starting October 2018.


Here are some of the organizations we have supported in the past.



Elizabeth Fry Society $2500


ACORN $2500
BC Coalition of People with Disabilities now the Disability Alliance  $2500
Elizabeth Fry Society $1000
Rhizome Movement Building Centre $1500
VAST $1500


Covenant House (no record)

ACORN $2500

Kinbrace $3000

Aunt Leah’s Place $2500


Pedal Foundation $400
ARA Mental Health (Action, Research and Advocacy) $1600
West Coast Mental Health Network $2000


Mom2Mom – Child Poverty Initiative $2,000

Kinbrace $2000


Kinbrace – $1500.00

Vancity Community Foundation for activities related to Raise the Rates & Single Mother’s Alliance $3,000.00


RAVEN Trust $2810

Qmunity $2800

Portland Hotel Society for activities related to Overdose Prevention Society

Community Legal Assistance Society


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House (to be allocated to Warriors Against Violence) $2693

OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society $1635

Rainbow Refugee Coalition $2000


West Coast Environmental Law $4010

Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre (currently collecting)