Yes, we care deeply about social justice!  Most of our members are involved in some way with action to promote democracy, high quality public health services, affordable housing, peace, human rights, protection of the environment, fair trade, ethical investing, elimination of poverty, support for refugees, solidarity with indigenous peoples, racial justice and other significant issues of our times. We can envision a just, peaceful, sustainable world and we each do what we can to make it so.

Some members of the congregation support Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice  and are seen with the CUSJ banner at local rallies and protests.

Some issues have so much activity that we have dedicated, ongoing committees within the congregation. For example, we have an active Environment Committee and an active Refugee Committee.  There is also a Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA) group reinforcing our commitment to actively welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

One of our very high priorities is to promote Truth, Healing and Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and, to this end, we have a Reconciliation Working Group to educate ourselves, share information and find ways to take meaningful action. Recently, a BIPOC Caucus was formed.

We sponsor a yearly Write for Rights event in December.Participants write letters for prisoners of conscience detained around the world. Each case has been researched by Amnesty International and background information is provided.

For many years our congregation hosted a rest stop for Coldest Night of the Year walkers during February. This event raised much-needed money to bring hope and help to people in the larger community who need support.

We’ve been supporting the White Poppies for Peace initiative that culminates each year with a wreath-laying ceremony on the afternoon of November 11th to honour the civilian victims of war.  We have held wreath making workshops and sold white poppies to our congregation. For 2020, we worked with Vancouver Peace Poppies to organize an online Zoom ceremony.


The Social Justice Committee meets regularly (now on Zoom). New members are welcome. Is there a particular social justice issue that you would like to see lifted up at UCV? Please get in touch with us

Past Forums Sponsored by Social Justice Committee

Over the years, the Social Justice Committee sponsored many Sunday forums following the worship service. Now with COVID-19 we are exploring new ways to gather together to share information, and turn our ideas into meaningful action.