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To produce many of the goods we use, companies are … destroying forests and polluting our oceans. The amount of waste we create is mind-boggling

Kirsten Brodde, Detox My Fashion


We’re a group of a dozen or so Unitarians and friends who like to share our enthusiasm for reducing waste.

In 2020 we met with our Congregational Administrator to discuss how to reduce waste on site, including composting paper towels from washrooms, ensuring kitchen food waste go into our round black bins to have the red wriggler worms turn it into compost for the gardens, and asking caretakers to be aware of recycling systems. In the new year, now that the site is active again, we might plan another meeting.

The Metro Vancouver Unitarian Zero Waste Group annually participates in:

We’ve hosted workshops related to reducing waste.

We usually host a forum on reducing waste during the winter holidays, a high consumption time if we’re not vigilant.

If you’re interested in environment team work, this is a small and friendly place to start.

We’re very open to your suggestions and support.

Here are some past events initiated by team members:

  • Slow fashion monthly meetup, bring your own project and work on it together
  • Plastic-free July, encouraging members to make a pledge
  • Forums on various topics from composting to recycling

The Plastic Problem

By the year 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans
As plastic waste piles up in the world’s landfills, sewer systems and oceans, the United Nations has set a goal to reduce plastic pollution by 80 percent by the year 2040


Canadians throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste each year [1]


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Food Waste in Canada

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the Avoidable Crisis in Food Waste / /

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