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Roots and Wings : Eco-Spirituality Conference in Prague


Roots and Wings
Finding Our Story Within

Presentation by Rev Lara Cowtan at the UUE EcoSpirituality Conference in Prague,
September 15th, 2018
Čapek Hall, Anenská 5, Prague 1 (in the Old Town)

Ecology and Spirituality
A Vision for Unitarianism and Unitarian Universalism
in the 21st Century!

Old City in Prague

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jake’s avatar and Neytiri

Robin Wall Kimmerer


David Suzuki

Rethinking Reconciliation

A Playlist of Recent UCV Podcasts on
Unitarianism and Indigenous People

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A fundamental rethink is needed to save Canada’s reconciliation project from being an on-going massive failure

— Bruce McIvor

UCV Podcasts

Rethinking Reconciliation

* The Podcasts in this Playlist were sponsored by the Reconciliation Working Group (a sub-committee of the Social Justice Committee.) This illustrates how issues embraced by different Committees at UCV are interconnected. Certainly, reconciliation cannot be separated from land title, land protection and water protection.


Bruce McIvor
is a proud Métis from the Red River in Manitoba. He holds a law degree, a doctorate in Aboriginal and environmental history, is a Fulbright Scholar and adjunct professor at the UBC Allard School of Law

Cole Harris
is a Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia and an internationally renowned historical geographer. His academic field is colonialism and the native land question in British Columbia, and patterns of early Canadian settlement

Aline LaFlamme
Her name means the light (Aline) and the flame (LaFlamme.) She also carries the name Many Buffalo Running. Aline is a grandmother and Metis from Alberta. Among her many gifts she leads a drumming circle called Daughters of the Drum

Nan Gregory
is a professional storyteller, artist and award-winning author. Born in Boston Massachusetts, she grew up in Victoria British Columbia, and now makes her home in Vancouver. Nan pleaded guilty to criminal contempt for protesting TMX

Bruce McIvor

Cole Harris

Aline LaFlamme

Nan Gregory

Wild Salmon Rallies and Street Theatre — Sept 2020

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Above: Rally and street theatre outside the offices of the DFO in downtown Vancouver calling for an end to fish farms in the Discovery Islands

From the constituency office of Liberal MP Terry Beech, to a Wild Salmon Die-in outside the DFO, the Wild Salmon Action Team joined a call by one hundred and one BC First Nations to remove fish farms in the Discovery Islands


Forest Walk – September 2020

Pacific Spirit Park, Sept 12, 2020 | The haze in this photo is not a typical West Coast mist or fog in early Fall. But rather smoke from forest fires burning in Washington State. While California is experiencing its worst forest fire season ever. Reminding us of the looming climate crisis and the need for climate action.


50 Years Ago the First Greenpeace Voyage was Ratified in the Fireside Room


Above 1971: Robert Hunter on the first voyage of the Greenpeace boat
Photo by Robert Keziere | Keziere writes: “My contact sheets indicate the photo was taken at sea, eastbound, somewhere between Akutan Island and Sand Point, Alaska. Our ship was underway to the customs office in Sand Point, alas, away from Amchitka Island and the Cannikin nuclear test. Understood at the time.”


Greta Thunberg Inspired Global Climate Strike on Sept. 27

Join Vancouver Unitarians under our banner at the
Vancouver Global Strike for Climate

Sept. 27 starting at 12:45 pm at City Hall 12th Avenue and Cambie Street

(northwest corner in front of City Square)

This Global Climate Strike will likely be the largest mass mobilization for climate the world has ever seen. Led by youth, including Greta Thunberg, millions around the world will be walking off school and work to demand a rapid end to the fossil fuel era and for climate justice for all.


Educational Event Raises $8300 for Wild Salmon

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Above second from right: Guest speaker Ernest Alfred elected band counsellor and a teacher for Indigenous language and culture from Alert Bay, descending from the ‘Namgis, Mamalilikala and Tawit’sis First Nations

February 16, 2018

An educational event on wild salmon was held, February 16, at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver on unceded Musqueam land. More than $8300 was raised to support wild salmon and coastal First Nations calling for the urgent removal of open-net fish farms. Importantly, we also raised awareness, inspiration, hope, knowledge and commitment – to do more.

The evening began with an entrance into the Sanctuary following traditional coastal First Nations protocol. Visitors declare who they are and request permission to land (or enter) the territory of their host. Cecilia Point representing the Musqueam First Nation welcomed the visitors with drumming and song. She then lead the visitors in a grand procession to the front of the chapel.

Speakers for the evening were Cecilia Point, Ernest Alfred, Julia McIntyre-Smith and Dr. David Suzuki. Musical entertainment by Barry Truter, Michael Averill and the Re:Sisters. The entire evening was recorded and well worth watching more than once.

You’ll find event highlights below, with photos and bios of speakers and musicians. Thank you to all !


Photos: Enviro Team

Photo Gallery #1

All My Relations

All My Relations, Religious Naturalism and
The Heart of a Faith for the 21st Century

UCV Podcasts

All My Relations



Aline LaFlamme
Her name means the light (Aline) and the flame (LaFlamme.) She also carries the name Many Buffalo Running. Aline is a grandmother and Metis from Alberta. Among her many gifts she leads a drumming circle called Daughters of the Drum


Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson
was parish minister of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for 19 years, retiring in 2020. Prior to entering professional ministry, Steven worked as a university professor in the history of religions, and as a museum curator

Full Text


All My Relations
by Aline LaFlamme
April 17, 2019


Religious Naturalism
by Rev. Steven Epperson
March 24, 2019


Religious Naturalism — Take Two
by Rev. Steven Epperson
April 14, 2019