Author: AnneD

50 years ago Greenpeace was launched in the Fireside Room

The meeting in the Fireside Room that launched the voyage of a fishing boat renamed Greenpeace to Amchitka Island


Above: Fireside Room as seen in 2020

Few people know a meeting in the Fireside Room at Hewett Centre, in 1970, ratified the first voyage of a fishing boat renamed the Greenpeace, or that the inspiration for the name Greenpeace occurred in the courtyard outside the Centre.

The now-legendary voyage of the fishing boat Phyllis Cormack, — renamed Greenpeace, — is considered the inaugural voyage of Greenpeace International, one of the most successful environmental organizations in the world today.


Above 1971: Robert Hunter, Co-founder of Greenpeace, aboard the Phyllis Cormack
Photo Credit: Robert Keziere | He writes: My contact sheets indicate the photo was taken at sea, eastbound, somewhere between Akutan Island and Sand Point, Alaska. Our ship was underway to the customs office in Sand Point, alas, away from Amchitka Island and the Cannikin nuclear test. Understood at the time.