Vancouver Unitarians promote a culture of generosity among members and supporters, both in volunteering time and supporting its endeavours and those of the wider community financially.

To learn how you can share your volunteer time, please contact the church office. Also visit the Getting Involved page to see all the committees, groups, and regular events that support the church community.

The various ways our members and friends engage financially in a culture of generosity are described on these pages.

As well, the congregation gives back to the community through community activism and through donations of money collected at worship services. A portion of every Sunday’s offering is given to a community organization selected by the Outreach Opportunities Fund committee.

We do encourage people to attend church in person; however, if you don’t have the time but feel moved to support our mission, you can send a donation directly to the church office.

Donations can also be sent by credit card.  Please click here to donate using a credit card.
Tax receipts are issued for all for donations.