As a self-supporting organization, many of us get involved in raising funds in a variety of ways.

Canvass Committee

Our church is supported by voluntary contributions from its members and friends. The majority of these contributions are based on pledging. A yearly canvass is organized every spring for pledges starting the following July 1st.

Time and Talent Auction

The Time and Talent Auction is usually held annually or bi-annually, depending on the judgment of the organizers. It is a party that comprises dinner or lunch, an auction of services and the fun of bidding and fellowship.
Members and friends of the church offer a service, an instruction, a piece of art, or some article of interest, all of which are auctioned at the Time and Talent Auction party. The highest bidder receives the item or service and the congregation receives the proceeds.


Book Bashes

Several times a year the Library Committee holds a sale of used books in the alcove of Hewett Centre after the Sunday service. Members of the church donate books for the sale. The Book Bash provides funds for new books and the work of our excellent church library. Watch for notices advertising the sale and asking for donations of books.The library also welcomes donations of books any Sunday.

Sunday Lunches

Church groups and committees are invited to serve lunch on Sundays after the service. Organizing and serving a lunch promotes fellowship within the church community and within your group through participation in a group activity as it raises funds for your church-related projects. Among the groups who regularly offer fundraising lunches are Environment Committee, Youth group, Refugee committee and “Love soup”.

For more information and to schedule a date, email Ben Hechter.