UCV hosts men’s, women’s and now a “gender discussion group”. To connect with Unitarian men (and friends) from around the area, please email [email protected]

The group who organize the annual retreat also monitor emails and send out newsletter updates throughout the year.
Sign up for their newsletter here:

Men’s groups

There are several ongoing groups. Men’s groups are generally closed and add members infrequently and unpredictably.

Annual Men’s Retreat

The annual men’s retreat in Oct (see heyuu.ca) is the best place to connect with groups who may seek new members or new groups starting up. It is also a great event and always well worth attending – I have been there almost every year since 1999 (Rob Dainow).

December Men’s Potluck

All men and men’s groups are invited, especially groups who are looking for new members as well as guys who are looking to possibly join them.

Please arrive 6:30 – 7 pm with food to share.. Spread the word!

In the meantime

Men interested in men’s group experience should consider:


which is NOT UU-related, but a great introduction for newbies, drop-ins welcome.

  • from Patrick Dubois