Visual Arts

The Arts Committee is responsible for the visual art exhibitions in the Sanctuary and in the Fireside Room. We seek out artists, most of whom are Unitarian church members or adherents, and arrange exhibition dates for their shows. Each show lasts four weeks. In addition, the Arts Committee sponsors an annual children’s show at the end of the church school year in June, holds an annual UCV group art show in November, and stages an arts and crafts sale each December. Also, the Dorothy Paschal Fund is used to fund a Festival of the Arts every few years.

Volunteers are needed each month to help artists hang their art. This usually occurs Monday or Tuesday during the first week of the month.

Exhibiting visual artists may use these spaces in the Sanctuary:

  • six side wall panels: each 7’2″ wide by 5’7″ tall
  • two back wall panels: each 10’6″ wide by 5’6″ tall

You’re invited to our meetings and art shows.

Chalice Choir

The Chalice Choir, led by Donna Brown, is a group of approximately 45 people who love to sing. Some are church members and some are not. Some have degrees in music and others are learning to read music and sing in harmony.

The choir rehearses weekly and sings at two Sunday services a month. There are usually two concerts each season.

We are a friendly bunch and welcome new people! We also sing beautifully, showing how great a nonprofessional group can be. If you are interested in joining contact Donna Brown or drop by any Thursday night.

For information about joining the choir, email Donna Brown  Meet Donna Brown


Music is important in the spiritual life of this congregation. Music enhances every worship service, and the Music Committee provides the planning and budgeting for the music programming. Worship services feature piano accompaniment and solo vocal offerings by Elliott Dainow, Music Assistant to the Minister, and musical celebration by invited musicians of all kinds, including acoustic guitar, violin, cello, world music, and much more, in a variety of musical styles.

Meet Elliott Dainow