Volunteer Groups — Open to All

Recent notices about volunteer opportunities

Buildings and Grounds Committee

Communications Team

Next meeting: Fall. Working groups carry on between our semi-annual meetings.

New volunteers welcome.

[email protected]

Environment Team

Regular Meeting: 3rd Sun. 12:30 pm – Biddle (September – June)

Contact: Tamiko Suzuki [email protected]

Library Committee 

Regular Meeting: 1st Mon. 2 pm Fireside David Buchanan [email protected]

Membership Committee

Partner Church

Alison Pearson [email protected]

Refugee Support Committee 

Regular meeting: 4th Sun. 12:30 pm Biddle

Contact: Julia Myers – at Thrift Sale Table Sundays

Social Justice

Regular meeting 2nd Sun. 9:30 am – all welcome

Committees appointed by Board or Minister

Worship Services

[email protected]

Feedback and suggestions welcome. Apply to join committee.