Congregational communications are largely handled by a team of volunteers with some staff support.

Zoom Video Conferencing

In view of Covid-19 restrictions on face-to-face gatherings, we will be facilitating some video conferencing by Zoom.

To download the program and get information go to

The Canadian Unitarian Council and many other UU congregations have successfully used zoom (similar to skype) for helping people connect across the miles.

Annual Report 2019

How to use the Website

(Website Usage Documentation)

Documentation on how to use the UCV website for making posts, events, etc., can be found here:

The Website Usage Guide can be found here:

Volunteer for Communications

Among the communications tasks the team performs — and that could use some extra volunteer help are:

  • MS Publisher for posters, brochures and flyers

  • audio or video recording
  • audio file editing
  • wordpress website
  • physical bulletin boards in Hewett Hall
  • facebook, instagram and social media in general
  • photography
  • copy editing and proofreading
  • graphic design

Submit an announcement of your event or news

Here are some ways to submit information about your event or announcement for publication.

Sunday’s Order of Service

For inclusion in the weekly order of service distributed by email on the Friday and in person on Sunday morning, send information to Marcus by noon on the Wednesday preceding. Announcements are usually 50-75 words. This gets sent out as a pdf attachment to several hundred people on the Thursday prior to the Sunday

Monthly UCV Events Publication

UCV Events is compiled by our congregational administrator.

Contact for guidelines.

UCV Events is a two-page publication with worship services, forums and special events on the front, and a list of the month’s events taken from the website on the back.

Send information by the 18th of the month for worship services, forums and special events.

To be sure to be included in the back page list of events, your event must be posted on the website prior to the 20th of the month.

Monthly and Occasional E-Newsletters

We use an automated program called MailPoet that integrates with our website to send out regular e-newsletters which draw information from web news posts and events. Volunteers send out regular earth spirit/environment, social responsibility and connect and engage/small groups newsletters.

A volunteer is needed the general monthly e-newsletter with congregational special events and recent news. In the meantime (as of November), one of the special newsletters goes to all subscribers as well as those signed up for that particular subscriber list. November was focused on connect & engage; December on earth spirituality and environment.

Public Communications Committee Documents

Click on the link above to access various documents.


Here are additional documents:

UCV Welcome Brochure printed 2018  UCV welcome brochure

Communications Committee Terms of Reference  Communications Committee TOR Approved 20141021