Overdose Prevention Society: Our Outreach Opportunities Fund recipient

Our OOF recipient for the months November 2022-February 2023 is the Overdose Prevention Society.

The mandate of the Overdose Prevention Society (OPS) is to be leaders in the harm reduction movement with a continual push for change and justice, offer employment and advancement opportunities for members of the Downtown Eastside community, and continually work to break the stigma of addiction through  empowering drug users and fighting against preconceptions of substance use.

OPS continues to challenge the normalization of the opioid crisis every day. We are a community driven, grassroots initiative that bring people in from the alley and provide a safe and welcoming place to use drugs.

Please watch this informative interview with Sarah Blyth, Executive Director and other OPS staff. 

Services offered by OPS:

  • Safe clean environment for people to use drugs
  • Drug testing
  • Harm reduction supplies
  • Jobs for DTES community members
  • Housing support
  • Food distribution
  • Clean and safe washroom for homeless

We are also home to MYSAFE

Contact for those interested in volunteering: vanops.volunteer@gmail.com

History of the Overdose Prevention Society:

OPS was founded in September 2016 by three women who were concerned about how little was being done about the growing fentanyl crisis in Vancouver. In potential violation of the law, they set up a drug injection site in an alley in Vancouver’s downtown Eastside to combat the many overdose deaths and have saved hundreds of lives. Their peer-based services are beneficial to the health authority, to the community, and to the participants themselves and ensure access to health and welfare services to excluded, vulnerable and marginalized people.


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