The challenge and power of governance belongs to the congregation.

Together, members participate in the democratic process to determine the direction, budget, and priorities of the congregation. In that process members follow a Simplified Roberts Rules of Order For more information visit: link to Robert Rules of Order

We are a fully self-supporting, non-profit organization. This congregational polity is a cornerstone of Unitarian history and is treasured as both a right and a duty.

Core Documents click here

How to present an idea to your board

Board meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. To have items added to the agenda information must be received by the Friday preceding the Board meeting. Send to Board Secretary. Information should include committee or group endorsement/s, financial implications, requests for congregational resources such as use of space, staff, publicity etc. Ideally include minutes from the committee meeting where the proposal was discussed with a list of members who are in support.

Congregational Documents

Covenant of Healthy Relations approved

Healthy Relations Procedures


   News from Board of Trustees   

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is held in Hewett Centre usually in November. The Board of Trustees reports on the church year just ended and new board members are elected to replace retiring members.

The notice of meeting, nominating committee report, recommended board slate and proxy forms are emailed to all members as PDF files approximately one month prior to an AGM.

Annual Reports

The annual report lets members know what has been done during the year, both within the congregation and in the wider community, by the minister, the staff, and the many committees and groups. It also reports on the organizations sharing the UCV facilities. It’s an interesting read. Highly recommended.

Extraordinary General Meeting

A one-hour extraordinary general meeting is usually scheduled for June of each year to approve the proposed budget for the new fiscal year. All members are invited. Members who cannot attend are asked to send in a proxy form.

All members are emailed the proposed budget and a proxy form before the meeting. The proxy can be turned in to the office or given to an attending member.