Sanctuary / Auditorium / Performance Hall

This auditorium-style space is well used for

  • concerts
  • lectures
  • weddings
  • memorial services

and other rites of passage.




The large stage at the front of the room is ideal for recitals, choir performances, chamber music groups and theatre productions.

Sound and Light

A grand piano is located on the stage and an organ is in the balcony.

The space is equipped with microphones operated by a sound booth in the balcony. Sound can also be sent to an overflow crowd in the Main Hall.

Lighting can be dimmed or brightened in various ways.

Art and Decorations

The walls are hung with monthly rotating art exhibits. Tapestries are available if for any reason you wish a different decor.

Permanent Art

The copper panels were installed some years ago.

Decor possibilities

Wedding parties often decorate the pews.

Memorial services provide space for a display about the person’s life on stage.


Groups who are using this space, often also book the Main Hall as a reception area and the Kitchen for food or beverage preparation. Contact our staff to get options and prices for various configurations.