Past Services

All My Relations

The Environment Committee is honoured to present Aline LaFlamme as guest speaker for the Earth Day service. Aline will share the Aboriginal world view with a focus on how all things in Creation are viewed and how that impacts our sense of ourselves in relation to all life forms. This results in a Bill of Responsibilities rather than a Bill of Rights. Order of Service Listen to the Podcast

An Invitation to Love and Justice

After having seen ways in which religion can run off the rails (March 18), you are invited to explore how it could be a force for love and justice in the world. An Invitation to Love and Justice is the theme of this year’s Annual Meeting and Conference of the Canadian Unitarian Council taking place in Hamilton, Ontario May 18-20. Order of Service

Nurturing Compassion Together

Our pledge drive kick-off lifts up the vision of our congregation and the deeper meaning and purpose which our community and religion bring into our lives. With the Chalice Choir and guest musician Tony Turner, former federal scientist and composer of folk hit Harperman. Order of Service Listen to the Podcast References: David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon College commencement address, This Is Water. New York Times story about the remains found in the Man Bac excavation in Vietnam.