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You can find the text of some past sermons here: http://ucv.im/sermons

Following are descriptions of past services

Transient and Permanent

In 1841, Unitarian Theodore Parker preached a sermon “The Transient and Permanent in Christianity,” that created a stir and paved the way for our modern Unitarian Universalist tradition.  He rejected as transient many beliefs that orthodox Christians thought were permanent, or set in stone. No … read more.

Oh, My Goddess!

Goddesses and the Divine Feminine – the archetypal Source of Life and its energies of fertility, creative nurturance, and interdependence, among others – have appeared in most, if not all, cultures and eras. Honoring both the dawn of the fertile season of spring as well … read more.

A Friend to Trust

A First Sunday of the Month Whole Congregation worship for all ages. 

“Good friends aren’t afraid of your light. They never blow out your flame and you don’t blow out theirs—even when it’s really bright and it makes you worry about your own flame.” –Brené Brown 

Being your full self with … read more.