Past Services

Diverse Beliefs, Shared Values

Our church is full of refugees from other faiths, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Agnostic, Buddhist, Pagan. Steven Epperson is a former Mormon. What draws people to Unitarianism? Leslie Hill describes her lifelong journey from two Protestant religions through New Age Spirituality to the Unitarian Church … read more.

The Grace of Imperfection

Kiersten Moore, Director of Children’s and Youth Religious Exploration speaks on the grace of imperfection.

Perfectionism and the fear of making mistakes is pervasive. What happens when we give ourselves and others the grace to be imperfect? To act for what you believe is right, without knowing exactly how … read more.


My nineteen-year ministry with this congregation is coming to an end. It’s been an honour to have served with you; it’s been “good work.” We’ll take leave of one another in a worship service of celebration through music, some reminiscing, and a look … read more.