Past Services

The Thread You Follow

As we navigate the complexities of our lives, what guides our steps? What holds us steady? What changes our course? Join us as we reflect on meaning and mysteries on life’s journey. This is a pulpit exchange event. North Shore Unitarian ministers Revs. Emily and Marcus Hartlief preach at UCV, while Rev.  Epperson travels to meet with North Shore Unitarians. A grand, centuries-long Unitarian tradition. The Chalice Choir Sings Order of Service Listen:

Presence to Change

We have learned the value of being present, in the moment, to ourselves, to the earth, and to the people around us. But as human beings, we have also survived and thrived based on living through habits, developing routines, and not having to think about what we already know. How do we teach ourselves to be centered and present in a world filled with unpredictability and swirling with change? Order of Service Listen: