‘So much is in bud’ – Rev. Shawn Gauthier

In “Beginners,” the poet Denise Levertov reminds us that “we have only begun / To love the earth.” And so we have. This Sunday, Rev. Shawn Gauthier will begin our Candidating Week with a service to honour our planet as we celebrate Earth Day. At the heart of the service is the question of what it means to truly love this beautiful “pale blue dot”—the only home we will ever know.


Rev. Shawn Gauthier (formerly Newton) is the Candidate for Settled Minister at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. For the past sixteen years, Rev. Shawn has served as Senior Minister of the First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto. Since 1991, he has served in various staff capacities in five congregations in the U.S. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Harvard University. He and his husband Bob will celebrate their 25th anniversary in September.


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