Speaker: Rev. Lara Cowtan

We Begin Again in Love

The Jewish calendar at this time of year is called the High Holy Days or the Days of Awe. It is a time to renew our commitment to our inner life. No matter how busy you are its good to take a few moments to breathe.

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Order of Service

This is What We Do

Renewing our commitment to the Unitarian Principles which call us to act for justice, equity, and environmental sustainability. Let us reaffirm together that the work of our faith is not just renewing our commitment to awareness, but renewing our commitment to being engaged in current issues and current debates.

Join our live stream at 11am on Sunday by visiting https://ucv.im/live

Order of Service

In-Gathering & Water Ceremony

UCV welcomes our Interim Minister, Rev. Lara Cowtan, as we gather together in this special Sunday worship and ritual. We will be reflecting on, and renewing, our shared bonds of community as we begin a new era following the retirement of Rev. Steven Epperson. It is a time of discovery, exploration, and opportunity for UCV to imagine, and move towards, its future.

Order of Service

Three Ways to Participate 

Due to Covid-19 safety concerns our worship services can only be attended online. Yet we may all still participate in our Water Communion.
There are three different ways to participate in the Water Ceremony ahead of time. Please pick the one that suits you best:

(1) Drop off a physical jar of water and written words to share at the table outside by the blue admin office door—before September 13th.

(2) Submit written words online through our secure form below. Your words of grief and/or joy will be spoken aloud by Rev. Lara Cowtan as she and Diane Brown pour collected waters into our communion bowl.

(3) Submit a video online at ucv.im/greetings of yourself pouring water. (You may record directly at the website or upload your video file.)
Please introduce yourself and share either a grief/sorrow or a joy/celebration while you pour water from a container into a bowl.
If you want to share both a grief and a joy, please submit two separate videos as these will be distinct parts of the worship.

We will also use the YouTube chat at the beginning of the service on Sunday the 13th to gather any last-minute words to share for the Communion.


Online Submission Form