Speaker: Kiersten Moore

Kiersten Moore is our Director of Children’s and Youth Religious Education.

The Grace of Imperfection

Kiersten Moore, Director of Children’s and Youth Religious Exploration speaks on the grace of imperfection.

Perfectionism and the fear of making mistakes is pervasive. What happens when we give ourselves and others the grace to be imperfect? To act for what you believe is right, without knowing exactly how it is going to turn out. To speak against injustice when maybe you don’t have the perfect words. To try something new or something you’ve dreamed of, when you might fail, and fail again, before you get where you want to be. To move forward into the unknown …

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Across millennia and cultures, many myths and stories share a common theme and structure: transformative journeys taken by unlikely heroes.  A feature in these stories is the crossing of a threshold from ordinary to extraordinary realms.  Are we living a hero’s journey right now during these strange and trying times?  Join Rev. Steven Epperson and our DRE, Kiersten Moore, for this all-congregation worship service.

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Home: The Power of Connection in a Disjointed World

We crave connection and the comfort of a place to call home. A place where we feel held, secure, welcomed, and loved. Where we are free to relax into our selves, while our best selves are encouraged and our short-comings held with grace. How do we take a microcosm of families and individuals across the metro area and make of this place a home? How do we create connection spaces where a sense of belonging is cultivated?

Kiersten E. Moore is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist who has lived in many places across North America. Though she has continuously uprooted herself from places and differing career paths, she has always sought out UU churches and fellowships in the places she has lived which has ultimately led to her role as Director of Religious Education here at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

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Roots and Wings

We welcome and acknowledge our children who are moving into youth group and celebrate the contributions of our youth to the community.

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Finding Balance

In this First Sunday all – congregation worship service we’ll be exploring ways in which we can be a people of balance. The ideal and practice of finding balance has been a key feature in religions, the sciences, the arts, and in our lived encounter with the rhythms of nature and the stages of our own lives.

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Creativity A First Sunday, all-congregation worship service.

Claiming not to have all the answers to life’s question means Unitarians have tended to value creativity in our theology, congregational life, and in our homes, work and personal lives. Thinking, wondering, imagination, fluidity, and awe are hallmarks of creativity and our Unitarian way.

Let’s celebrate how it adds value to our play, problem solving and justice making (to name a few).

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“In the Beginning…” 11:00 am Worship Service

Seasonal Pageant


Please note:  2 worship services on Dec 18th!


Candlelight Service – 7:30 pm

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson and UCV members

A UCV tradition: worship, the spoken word, seasonal carols and music. Features the Chalice Choir. We honour the festivals of December and the beginning of a new year. All are invited. Childcare provided.

Light dessert potluck after the service. Please bring a dish and stick around.