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Settler Colonialism, Indigenous People, and Unitarianism

Settlers colonized a tiny fraction Canadian space. Elsewhere the thin population in a vast land remained largely Indigenous, though subject to outside pressures and greatly changed.  Now Indigenous people are speaking back to settler Canada as never before. Basically, they speak of a relationship with … read more.

Back to Plants

We barely talk about them and seldom know their names, yet plants give life to the Earth by producing the atmosphere that surrounds us and the oxygen that animates us.  There would be no “interdependence of all things” without them.  Spring has just arrived—time … read more.

A Remedy for Dismay

As the world continues to unravel, dismay is a daily ordeal. But both the root and the fruit of dismay are part of the problem. How do we move from dismay into a more connected way of living?