Future Services

Greater Than the Sum

So much of the varying value that society ascribes to people is dependent on the nature and compensation of their labour. For many of us, our work has been one of the things that has given our lives meaning and purpose. As the world of … read more.

Water Communion / In-Gathering

We celebrate the in-gathering of our congregation and the beginning of its 2019-20 year with our annual Water Communion. Please bring some water from your summer experiences, as well as an object like a photo, seashell, stone, or feather, that’s special to you. We’ll … read more.


I have just learned that Jason Shelton has had to cancel all of his fall obligations due to personal/family issues so the workshop planned for Sept. 27 – 29 has been cancelled.  I know that we are all disappointed and send our good wishes to … read more.