Future Services

Diverse Beliefs, Shared Values

Our church is full of refugees from other faiths, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Agnostic, Buddhist, Pagan. Steven Epperson is a former Mormon. What draws people to Unitarianism? Leslie Hill describes her lifelong journey from two Protestant religions through New Age Spirituality to the Unitarian Church … read more.

The Road Ahead

Our beloved minister has retired, and now we find ourselves in a challenging time of transition. How do we as a congregation ready ourselves during this pivotal period? How do we see ourselves? What traditions shall we uphold? And what changes do we want to … read more.

All About Connection

Mary was once introduced to a Unitarian congregation with simply, “Mary’s all about connection.”

Whether holding hands in circle dance, introducing new members, setting up Zoom meetings or liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook, Mary is indeed “all about connection.”

She’ll share some of … read more.