UU Connections

Prepare for Pride (2019 and beyond)

Pride in Vancouver happens right smack in the middle of the summer. So although we at UCV are very proud of the fact we were officially certified as a Welcoming congregation for BGLTQ folk way back in 1995, we sometimes forget about planning to celebrate … read more.

Privilege Through an NVC Lens

Invite to a CUUWA Event

Monday, August 20th at noon
The Canadian Unitarian Universalist Women’s Association (CUUWA) is sponsoring a free online presentation, and we’re all invited!
Presented by Catherine Strickland, a Non Violent Communication (NVC) practitioner, this session will apply the NVC lens to privilege … read more.

UU Connections Committee – National & Global

UUCC  (you you see see) – UCV’s National & Global Connections Committee

Update – 5 July 2018 – from Keith Wilkinson, Committee Chair

This posting summarizes some of the national and global activities in which Vancouver Unitarians have been engaged over the years. Activity in various areas ebbs … read more.

Unitarians Protest Purchase of Pipeline

Unitarians, Rev. Debra Thorne and Janet Pivnik of Beacon Unitarian, wearing CUC T-shirts “INTERDEPENDENCE – LOVE – JUSTICE”, making happy protest of Federal Government buying Kinder Morgan at Science World Tuesday, May 29. Many UCV’ers also attended.

Watch House Unitarian Service

Many UCV folk went to Burnaby Mountain for the Unitarian Service near the Watch House on Burnaby Mountain. It was great  to be welcomed by Will George and the keepers of the Watch House  and have five of the lower mainland ministers share leadership of the … read more.

Social Media and Communications

Thanks to a growing team of volunteers, we have recently been able to increase our outreach. The Communications Team meets two or three times a year. A lot goes on between meetings with individuals and sub-groups taking on tasks.


Our youtube channel has been mobilized. … read more.

Installation of Rev. Samaya Oakley

An invitation from the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation (Surrey Unitarians)

You’re Invited to the Installation of Rev. Samaya Oakley

With great joy and excitement, the members of the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation gather to install Rev. Samaya as our settled minister. We gather with excitement, with anticipation, … read more.

Young Adults (age 18-35) Wanted

The upcoming Regional Gathering will include a panel called Intergenerational Solidarity: a Young Adult Panel.

In the meantime, here are some ways for UU young adults (and sometimes others) to connect about the state of young adult ministry.

Join a team at UCV! The following groups are … read more.