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John Voth's art has had numerous exhibitions at UCV. He invites members to come by his private loft gallery. By appointment only.

Cayla grew up in San Jose and attended the UU congregation there with her family.  For most of the past 15 years she's lived in Victoria and moved to Vancouver in May. After attending the annual women's gathering in January, Cayla joined a group planning to start two new women's groups at UCV. Here's what she said at the initial gathering, "As someone new to Vancouver, I want to join a Women’s Group to get support from women.  I think it’s important to foster that for myself and for other women.”
She says she's kept the Unitarians on her radar and kept intending to go. As a biologist, she says, she's been to our "church" when she's attended Nature Vancouver events.
Cayla is a biologist, very passionate about social justice and environmentalism. This weekend she'll be marching with the Victoria Women's March Canada, which she organized last year. She'd like to help  get the Vancouver chapter up and running.
Cayla's also interested in gardening and reading/book club (some friends and she started a "Badass Ladies Book Club" in Victoria and would love to find a similar group in Vancouver).
Cayla lives not far from UCV in Marpole and is tthe volunteer admin for the Buy Nothing Marpole FB group. The motto is "give where you live."

Tamiko is the Outreach Coordinator for the Environment Team.

As the daughter of two non-religious scientists, I was never interested in church. As a university student in Montreal I checked out the Unitarians but decided the Sunday services got in the way of skiing, hiking or just sleeping in.  Similarly, once I had a family, Sundays were for the kids’ hockey and soccer games.It wasn’t until five years ago, my kids grown up and gone, when my husband passed away suddenly, that I found a need to find a spiritual community.

I showed up at the North Shore Unitarian church and would sit in the back then slink home after the sermon. I felt I had nothing in common with all those white-haired West Van congregants until one day I joined some church elders at lunch after the service. We were sitting quietly enjoying the soup, when one grey haired lady suddenly slammed her fist on the table and said, “Can you believe what Stephen Harper just did?”  That started a rousing discussion about what was wrong with the latest bill in Ottawa. I sat up and knew right then that I had found my church!

A year later, I moved from North Van to Vancouver and purely because I didn’t want to spend  time commuting, joined UCV. I enjoyed the sermons and the music and this time I was more proactive. I started looking for a group to meet people and be able to help out. I found the Environment Team!

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David Steele is a retired molecular biologist and the vice-president of Earthsave Canada.
He's been shrinking his carbon footprint since 1989 when he stopped eating meat. In 1993, after reading a study documenting the out-sized contribution of jet aircraft to global warming, he gave up flying, too. It took him until 2006, but after much internal struggle, that year he bid a final farewell to driving a car.

Peggy is a graduate from George Brown College Jewellery Arts program. She majored as a goldsmith and specialized in enameling. She continued her formal art education with scholarships at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts and the Langara Fine Arts program in Vancouver. Year 2018 saw her graduate from Emily Carr University.

Over the years she has taught jewellery and enameling for the Vancouver School Board and Langara. Currently she teaches for Juvelisto and Soigne studios.

Her jewellery, paintings and enamels have been exhibited in group shows in Toronto, Japan, and Vancouver. In 2013, 2015 and 2017 she had one woman exhibitions of her jewellery and enamel at Ariodante Gallery in New Orleans and the Jericho Arts Club Vancouver. Currently she has work exhibited at the international departures of the YVR and Place Des Arts Coquitlam BC.

As a third generation Unitarian, I have roots here.
As an artist, I embrace our environment that acknowledges and celebrates our talents as artists, musicians, and writers.

Holding dear our expressions as creatives is precious and a blessing to celebrate.

I'm proud to bring my skills and talents forward as best I can to any project within which I am involved is a positive experience.

Participating within a group activity adds to my personal experience. Helping the project move forward has its own reward.

I believe that growing as an artist is dependent upon other people, life experiences and reflections, and the challenges that are met.

Having opportunities to work with others is a benefit.

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