Elizabeth Dunn

On Jan 19, I  attended ‘Raven People Rising’ at UCV. I feel honoured and truly fortunate to be able to learn more about the Heiltsuk Nation’s powerful journey to protect their territory and surrounding ocean waters.

Indigenous peoples have so much to offer settlers including myself concerning their deep spiritual connection to the land and their unwavering dedication to protect the land and waters for future generations.

A key part of my spiritual journey for many decades now is to keep learning how to most effectively connect with the Earth, to walk softly on the Earth and stand strong for her protection. Coastal Indigenous peoples have helped show me the importance of finding solace and inspiration in living closely with the land and waters. Their courage in the face of powers that destroy the ecosystems that sustain us is exceptional.

As a Unitarian, my Earth spirituality includes doing all I can to protect the web of life of which I am a part and Indigenous peoples including the Heiltsuk Nation are sources of inspiration and learning for me. I’m looking forward to sharing the evening’s film and discussion with others on the same journey.

Link to film trailer.

Photo of Elizabeth with the Environment Team 2018

Some of the Environment Team members at a monthly meeting. Elizabeth is 4th from Left, back row.


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