Life Member Award – Mary Bennett

Life Member Award 2017

On rare occasions, it is an honour in this congregation to recognize an individual for their outsized and enduring contributions over time to this church and the wider Unitarian community.  In accordance with the By-Laws of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, the Board of Trustees can extend a Life Membership in this congregation—that means, no matter where life may take this person, they hold an honoured place in our hearts and minds and all the privileges of membership in the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

Today it is my privilege to call Mary Bennett to the stage to receive an Award of Life Membership in this congregation.

Mary has been an active member of UCV for more than a quarter century.  She served with distinction as Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council in those extraordinary first years when the UUA and the CUC separated institutionally, and was tasked with helping to create a new and distinct national religious denomination.  She has served in a range of capacities in this congregation that I can’t keep track of—and that’s a good thing: from Nominating Committee to Forum Coordinator, from creator of labyrinths, to stick handling the publication of UCV Events.  Mary has been an effective celebrant of worship services, Circle Dancing Organizer, and instigator and organizer of Hygge dinners. And I’ve so appreciated finding out how, behind the scenes, she has encouraged and supported volunteer service at 49th and Oak, and for tending to myriad details on our website and our communications.

For all this and much more, Mary Bennett, please accept this award of Life Membership with our sincere thanks.

  • Rev. Steven Epperson


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