Young people have a lot to offer our community, and we currently have a group of active, involved youth working with our dedicated youth advisors.

Grades 8-12 – Youth Group

cyre-gardening2Currently all youth activities are online.

Our youth meet to share, discuss important issues, play, have fun and just be themselves. The youth also get involved in fundraising, social action projects; they host coffee houses and attend conferences in the region and further afield. The young people choose their own curriculum in the fall with the support of their advisors, and also put together a youth-led worship service for the congregation once a year.

For New Families and Youth

cyre-gardening1New families and youth are always welcome to see how you like the youth group. A great way to meet the group and see if you like it is to show up on a Sunday at 10:45 am and ask someone with a yellow name tag where to connect with the Youth group. Or just come to the service at 11 am and head out with the youth group after the story for all ages. Introduce yourself and expect a warm welcome.

The youth are encouraged to begin our Sunday program by gathering in the sanctuary with their families or other members of the youth group. After opening words, greeting our neighbours and an opening hymn, all students and scholars are invited to come to the front for a story for all ages. Following the story, the youth leave the sanctuary and proceed to Hewett Centre, across the courtyard, and go downstairs to Hitschmanova room for their program.

You can also get in touch with Kiersten Moore, Director of Religious Exploration at [email protected], or 604.261.7204. She’ll be happy to connect you with the youth group advisors and members.

Our parents speak

“You know that the Youth Group must be doing something right when your 15-year-old still wants to go to the church in the evening after a long busy day that started at 6:30 am with jazz band, and continued with drama and drum lessons after school.”

“We are really pleased with the mentoring program for our teenagers. They are building important relationships with great mentors who are helping them grow into responsible, thoughtful young adults.”