Growing, Learning, and Deepening Opportunities for Adults

There are many ways to connect with others, learn some new skills or practise others, and deepen your understanding of Unitarian Universalism. Some events are groups that form for a period of time, usually up to a year; others are open on a drop-in basis. We are very open to members and friends offering their talents by way of a group or presentation. Contact Kiersten Moore, our Lifespan Faith Director if you have something to suggest.

UU Wellspring–Spiritual Deepening

UU Wellspring Sources is a unique 10-month small group program offered in a multi-platform setting. The twice a month, 2-hour sessions offer participants an opportunity for spiritual deepening that leads to more joyful living, increased confidence in Unitarian identity, and faithful justice making in their lives and in their communities.

Sources begins with a start-up retreat on October 5, 6-9 pm and meets 2 times a month October through the middle of June.

some testimonials from last year’s UCV participants:

My intention with UU Wellspring was to explore my beliefs and learn more about spirituality in general. What I didn’t expect was the depth of sharing, the bonds with fellow participants, and the “wisdom of the group” which took on a life of its own. I would highly recommend this group to anyone looking to deepen their spiritual life in a safe and supportive environment. –J.M. 

It was the soulful centre of my UCV year –Nan 

UU Wellspring provided me with an invaluable structure for learning about the sources of Unitarian Universalism and for developing my own spiritual practices. Moreover, it helped remind me of the value of deep listening – as each member of the group was able to share and reflect in a completely unencumbered way. – D.O. 

Read more details in Recent News: 

Meditation and Spiritual Practices

There are regular times for meditation practice, sacred circle dance and honouring the seasonal changes.

For a 24/7 opportunity, walk our two labyrinths any time. Come alone or with a group and walk together and enjoy our beautiful gardens.

Small Groups

We have a range of small groups such as covenant groups, Soul Matters themes reflections, principles discussion, men’s and women’s groups, book groups and more. Most of our programs are free to all and run by volunteer members of the congregation, often rotating leadership.

Fill in the Small Groups interest form to be connected with a new or existing group:

Death Cafés

Death Café for the Living at Vancouver Unitarians will continue on the first Friday of each month through December, 2022. We will have tables and conversation groups set up in Fireside and the Hall for groups of 4 to 6 folks of differing beliefs, theologies, backgrounds and ages to come talk about one thing we all have in common–mortality!

Death Café was founded by Jon Underwood based on the work of Bernard Crettaz. It is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session promoting straightforward and open dialogue about death. The objective is to ‘increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.’

Cake and light refreshments will be served.

RSVP at if you:

  • Are not freshly grieving a current or recent loss
  • Want to talk about death with various generations of adults
  • Are curious and open about talking with people who may have different views or beliefs than you do
  • Are not looking for counselling, pastoral care, or emotional support from this conversation
  • Consider yourself an adult (or are usually perceived as one!)

See for background and information about what to expect.


Committees and teams make the church run smoothly and a side benefit is getting to know people with common interests. Committees help our congregation run and thrive, while Teams support community building, care for each other, social and environmental justice, and spiritual growth. Contact Derrick O’Keefe, our Membership Outreach Coordinator to find where your passions meet the communities needs.

Social Dinners

An enjoyable way to get to know people is sharing food and conversation. Subscribe to our Weekly and Monthly newsletters to stay connected to community events.