Children, Youth, and Parents: FUN Online!

We have online connection times for children, tweens, youth, and parents. These times stay consistent each week—drop-in any week to see familiar faces and new, connect and support each other in Unitarian fashion.

Kids Art Gallery

This is our art-board space where doodles, drawings, artwork of any kind can be shared and displayed. If you’ve made something you would like to see here, send it to Kiersten or Mary Bennett.

Children’s RE drop-in: Sundays 10:20—10:50 am Join URL:

Mairy and Nan host a zoom gathering where the children can connect with one another as we explore the monthly Soul Matters theme through stories, activities and crafts.  We also draw on Indigenous teachings. 

(Target age is 5-9)

Youth Group: Sundays 3—5 pm Join URL:

Youth in grades 8-12 meet to share, explore, come up with distant game time, and generally connect. Drop-in any Sunday—from near and far.

Coming of Age:

Year-long mentorship program for youth ages 12-13 and their adult mentors–currently in progress.


Youth Dungeons and Dragons:

Wednesdays 7:00—9:00 pm

Exactly what you might think; an ongoing D&D campaign led by one of our youth, supported by  adult advisors who are also in on the campaign. Youth-centered, multi-gen, role-playing fun. Contact  Olivia Hall for more information, new characters are welcome to join.  

Other online events and gatherings can be found here:


Chalice Home/ Sabbath at Home

If you would like resources for Unitarian-centered family time and activities to do with your children  let me know using this form:

“Who says you can’t build a space for the sacred in your home?” In fact, home worship and home altars are a central part of family life for so many religious traditions. Catholics call them “home shrines.” Hindus fill them with their favorite Gods and Goddesses. Buddhists sometimes set aside entire rooms for theirs. Muslims place their prayer rugs in front of theirs. Some Unitarians and UUs, too, have home altars. While all different, they also share a common goal: To create a space that helps one stay connected to what is sacred and nourishing. And who of us doesn’t need that right now?!
So, what might your Unitarian home altar look like? Well that’s what we are going to discover and create together.
Each week, you’ll get a Sabbath Toolkit with instructions for adding a new piece to your home altar, a family worship service to celebrate that addition and some “after worship activities” to help your family lean into Sabbath rest and connection together.
These are resources to help you and your family. There is no pressure or obligation to use everything! Take what speaks to you and what you find nourishing and fulfilling.


Holding connection space for kids and youth requires adult support!  

Please visit the website to learn how you can be an adult member of our Family Ministry team.  There are both large and small roles to fill.  Fill out the form to “line up outside Kiersten’s door”: