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Canadian Colours Art Show with Judy Villett

On Wednesday, November 29th, Mary Bennett from UCV is organizing a guided tour with Judy Villett. To start, meet at Judy’s studio at 100 Braid Street at 1:00 pm. The tour will continue at Place Des Arts at 2:00 pm. The tour will conclude with refreshments at a local café. Please join us! Canadian Colours Textile Art Show Judy Villett, Unitarian Being born in Canada has always felt like a great blessing. I want to share my passion for this country through my textile art. I was 15 when the Union Jack flag was changed to the Maple Leaf. The clean, simple, graphic lines of the Canadian flag have become my framework forthe changing seasons, landscapes, politics and demographics of Canada. I use very basic piecing techniques with a complex design process, assembling commercially printed fabrics, often cutting them to 2” squares and placing them on a design wall where I can study the value, colour and line before … Continued

Unitarian Advent Calendar

Traditions and Events for December One of the creators of the Spirit Play program created a Unitarian Advent Calendar. Could we add Canadian Unitairian significant dates and people?     Most of the graphics have historical events and figures from U.S. connections. I chose these two to put here as they’re related to holidays and traditions that we celebrate at our congregation.   Here’s a youtube video of Malvina Reynold’s song Eight Candles. Here’s more about Malvina Reynolds noting her Jewish background. Resources Recommended by Harvard Square Library Reynolds, Malvina and Emmy Lou Packard. The Malvina Reynolds Songbook. Berkeley: Schroeder Music Company, 1974.   Here’s a song called “Quiet” by Reynolds.

Doug Ennenberg at the Fringe

Our own Douglas Ennenberg, chair of the Program Coordinating Council, co-chair of the Arts Committee and Board Member has a show at the Vancouver Fringe. It’s one of three pieces in Waterborne BLUE program. O Sandana 150M Lead Artist: Douglas Ennenberg 150 million years later… the world stops—and out of the basic elements, sand and water, comes… life. Under the sun, Sandadians build beautiful castles, sing the National Sandthem, and glorify the Sandadian flag. Meanwhile, under the stars, Wateries plan their attack. On the natural/industrial stage of the grassy knoll on Granville Island, two cultures try to make peace. Fantastical. Apocalyptic. Puppets. NOTE: Although the link below says False Creek Gym, it’s actually outdoors in Ron Basford Park–just east of Performance Works on Granville Island.   75 minutes / Coarse language See also Diane Brown’s Advance Theatre series.

Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women

An invitation from member Diane Brown, Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre I invite you to attend Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women this fall at The Fringe. Jumping Ship – Monday, September 11 Written by Marcia Johnson, directed by Marisa Emma Smith The year is 1904. Scottish sailor, Jamey Dunbar, meets young entrepreneur, Audrey Williams on a beach in Jamaica. Their lives change forever. This is a love story inspired by the playwright’s great-grandparents. Go, No, Go – Tuesday, September 12 Written by Natalie Frijia, directed by Leanna Brodie Go, No, Go is the story of 13 barrier-breaking pilots who in 1961 petitioned NASA to become the first female astronauts. And it’s about why you don’t know their names. Welcome to the space race. Hidden Memories – Wednesday, September 13 Written by Lillian Nakamura Maguire, directed by Donna Yamamoto The daughter of Japanese immigrants sifts through her … Continued

Library Books on Atheism

Library books related to atheism 8: In Defense of Atheism – The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, Islam by Michel Omfray 210:  Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton 210: Godless Religion – Finding the Profound by Robert Bietkus 4: Spirit Matters by Michael Lerner 8: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

John Voth’s Art Show at Enigma Restaurant – Artist Statement

John Voth’s Exposed:  The Inner Beauty of Wood now on exhibit at Enigma Restaurant Around eight years old, in Northern Saskatchewan, came my earliest inspirations:  wind-carved snow sculptures were endlessly fascinating, and Jack Frost painted ever-changing scenes that kept building on our windows.  I had no concept of anything called “art.”  Spring brought further delights, and my imagination had a field day with the myriad forms leaves suggested.  Seasonal changes of clouds and northern lights completed the picture. When I was twelve, we moved from the northern hinterland to the “metropolis” of Lethbridge, Alberta.  I was blown away.  There I saw my first movie:  wow! World War II, work, and survival took over.  Then an exploration trip to Vancouver resulted in my marriage with Lesia:  we have celebrated our 67th anniversary.  By the mid-60s, after I finished my degree in Education, I finally had some time for artistic endeavours. One of … Continued

Art Exhibits – May, June, July 2017

May 14 – July 5  – Water, Water, Everywhere Vancouver Sketch Club We have chosen the theme to reflect on how precious this resource is. Water slakes thirst, nurtures, replenishes. Water can be churned into a storm, harnessed for energy or allowed to float placidly. Flora and fauna need water for survival and enhancement. Water can also be destroyed by careless action. We have a varied selection of paintings which represent this life force. Paintings are for sale If you see a painting you would like to purchase, please contact the artist directly or at the following email: For more information about the club, visit our website at July 5 – 31 –  Through My Eyes Derek Lamarque Digital art prints and lino cuts inspired by figures, faces, colour and the environment.

Regional Connections – Sing for Joy! Music Workshop

Presenter: Patti Powell Date: Sat. June 3 10 – 3:30 pm Location: Workshop at Unitarian Family Camp Sasamat Outdoor Centre, Port Moody Singing together is so much fun! If you’ve never tried it, it’s time. If you’re a seasoned singer, you will love the lively, interactive and joyful atmosphere for learning great songs from gospel to rounds, to fun interlocking song mashups! Patti leads four community choirs and works with Brian Tate and the City Soul Choir. Workshop with lunch: $67 (includes option to canoe/kayak 3:30 – 5:00 pm). More info on weekend camp:   Email:

Visual Art Shows – April and May 2017

The Inner Beauty of Wood Exposed artist: John Voth continued to April 12 Coming Soon! April 14 – May 14 The UCV Childrens’ and Youth Show