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Earth Day Service a success

The 2018 Earth Day Service was put on by the Environment Committee today. Guest speaker Aline Laflamme gave a moving, insightful sermon titled “All My Relations”. She spoke of the Indigenous view of what “relations” means as well as the responsibility that comes along with being part of a family that consists of all that is living and non-living in the world. The Daughters of the Drum performed Indigenous songs of thanks and prayer and, just to change things up a bit, rather than being read to, the Coming of Age kids read the Story for All Ages to the congregation! image

Save Our Salmon letter writing campaign

​ The Environment Committee started the Save Our Salmon (SOS) letter writing campaign as a direct result of the great success of the Feb. 16, 2018 Wild Salmon Information and fundraiser event.   Provincial tenures (leases) for 22 open net-pen salmon farms come up for renewal this June; 20 of them are in the Broughton Archipelago and are opposed by First Nations. The peer-reviewed science is very clear and unequivocal – BC fish farms severely threaten the health and survival of our wild salmon. Alaska, Oregon, and Washington ban fish farms; BC should also. You can find links to recent articles and videos about this here: The SOS letter writing campaign invites people who care about the survival of our wild salmon to send handwritten letters to their MLAs, with copies to Premier Horgan and Ministers Donaldson, Heyman, and Popham, asking them to NOT renew the fish farm tenures that … Continued

April UCV Events Publication Is Out Now

Here’s your April events – a big one with 5 Sundays and therefore 5 services and 5 forums and tons of special events. Just click here! April-2018-UCV-Events To receive our email newsletter complete this form

Sermon Discussions: Turning Tamiko’s Idea into a Weekly Reality

Newcomers and new members often have a hard time connecting with others at UCV. The hardest time is when they leave the service and enter the Hall room. They find themselves amongst a large group who seem to know one another…really well. It’s overwhelming. Even intimidating. So several of us asked ourselves, “What can we do?” And came up with the idea of creating a Sermon Discussion group. Tamiko Suzuki thought it might create a friendly, casual environment where these new folks could sit with others and converse…introduce themselves … and talk about that morning’s sermon. A shared experience. Well, she was absolutely right. We’ve been holding the SD for nine weeks now and it’s been a real success. Those who attend are newcomers, new members and regulars. We average ten participants – the Sermon Groupies. Sessions are moderated by a facilitator. “The discussions are thoughtful, insightful and dynamic,” said … Continued

Social Media and Communications

Thanks to a growing team of volunteers, we have recently been able to increase our outreach. The Communications Team meets two or three times a year. A lot goes on between meetings with individuals and sub-groups taking on tasks. Video Our youtube channel has been mobilized. Here’s the link for Rev. Phillip Hewett’s Memorial Service and memories shared after the service.   People from across Canada and beyond have been so appreciative of being able to attend Phillip Hewett’s memorial service through youtube. Among the notes I’ve received is one from Patricia Pavey (previously Yates) who attended UCV some time ago and is the composer of our “Carry the Flame” benediction. (And in case you’re wondering about the extra part that some congregations sing, that part was added by Louise Taylor who was music director at the Victoria congregation.) We have podcasts of Sunday sermons Click here to find the … Continued

Jane Slemon – bio

Jane Slemon is a member of ErRatica. Here’s what their website says about her. Heading up to our tent in the Ontario woods, we were always singing in the car. I was the fourth kid to arrive into the family, so guess which harmony was left.  My mother tended to get us out of bed in the morning by singing something silly: “Wakie, wakie, tea and cakie” (shoes tumbling affectionately toward her); Mom and Dad knew tons of songs: the silly and the romantic war time songs, the swing songs, and they crooned beautifully together.  All of us were subjected to piano lessons as kids, and (probably since we were more likely to be playing street hockey and climbing trees than be indoors practicing) a $50 scholarship was set for any who achieved the Grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam.  I got close, but none of us won it.  When I … Continued

Mystery Pals – Make a New Friend at Church

Make a Friend at Church create connections across generations! The mystery only lasts a little while, but the friendship can be much longer. Sign-up to be a Pal to someone older or younger than yourself—we would love to have everyone involved and will match any pair from different generations (roughly 20 years apart). To facilitate anonymity, each pair will be identified by a famous Unitarian with a corresponding “mailbox” envelope in the Hewett Centre Hall. Celebrate May 6th after the service with a Mystery Reveal Party.

Celebration of the Life of Phillip Hewett

A Celebration of the Life of the Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett, Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, will be held at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, March 23, 2018, beginning at 1:30 pm. A reception will follow the service. More information about Phillip Hewett

Tsunami-Damaged Kimono Fabric – Reimagined

Peace Building Event Love, Hope and New Life Remembering March 11, 2011 Seven Years after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake /Tsunami 3 Related events: March 7-9 Click here for personal stories from Tama Copithorne and Judy Villett Wednesday March 7th, 7:30pm   Talks and Music Eriko Shiomi, Music & Art Producer, Japan Keiichi Hashizume, Music Educator & Clarinetist, Japan Julia Lin, Author – ”The extraordinary bonds between Taiwan and Japan” Dr. David Edgington, Professor Emeritus, UBC – “Building back in devastated communities” Dr. Eiichiro Ochiai, Professor Emeritus, Juniata College, Penn. – “Health problems related to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident” Thursday March 8th, 10:00am-4:00pm Textile Art Workshop Eriko Shiomi & Judy Villett, Textile artist Friday March 9th, 7:30pm Music for Peace and Textile Art Display Japan: Keiichi Hashizume, Clarinetist Vancouver: Keiko Alexander, Pianist I Bo Peng,, Cellist I Winds Choir & Egret Choir Reception Sponsored by: Artistic Studio LaLaLa, Tokyo Egret Music Centre, Vancouver … Continued

Early Bird Deadline Mar 15 for Metro Vancouver Unitarian Gathering Apr 7

Register now online for our Saturday April 7 Gathering of the four local congregations at UCV. Register here. (Help with registration will also be available in the foyer of the Sanctuary after our service on March 4) The Apr 7 event starts with an In-gathering in the Sanctuary followed by a Young Adult panel and small group discussions on Intergenerational Solidarity. Then, in the afternoon, Unitarian singer/songwriter, Tony Turner, leads a workshop on “Singing for Change”. Tony will also host the evening Open Mic Coffee House. We’ve set time aside for “Acting for Change – Social Justice Networking” where we’ll learn about how things are going in each of the congregations in relation to social action – successes and challenges. BIG ASK: Volunteers are needed for greeting, serving meals and cleaning up. Please phone Jeannie Corsi on 604-224-1040 if you are able to help in any way. Contacts for questions; Leslie … Continued