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Early Bird Deadline Mar 15 for Metro Vancouver Unitarian Gathering Apr 7

Register now online for our Saturday April 7 Gathering of the four local congregations at UCV. Register here. (Help with registration will also be available in the foyer of the Sanctuary after our service on March 4) The Apr 7 event starts with an In-gathering in the Sanctuary followed by a Young Adult panel and small group discussions on Intergenerational Solidarity. Then, in the afternoon, Unitarian singer/songwriter, Tony Turner, leads a workshop on “Singing for Change”. Tony will also host the evening Open Mic Coffee House. We’ve set time aside for “Acting for Change – Social Justice Networking” where we’ll learn about how things are going in each of the congregations in relation to social action – successes and challenges. BIG ASK: Volunteers are needed for greeting, serving meals and cleaning up. Please phone Jeannie Corsi on 604-224-1040 if you are able to help in any way. Contacts for questions; Leslie … Continued

Ask The Salmon Lady! All You Wanted to Know About Fish Farms in BC

After the UCV Wild Salmon Event February 16th, we received some questions. Salmon Lady is here to answer anything. For background posts about this issue, go to the Environment News here. Dear Salmon Lady, A bunch of us were invited to the Wild Salmon Event last week and the music and speakers were great but we still don’t get what’s wrong with farmed salmon.  I mean, I consider myself pretty green—I recycle and drive a compact car but I am busy juggling two jobs, a family and a house. Sometimes I want to grab some sushi or throw a slab of salmon on the grill. If it’s cheap and tastes good, what is wrong with that? (signed) Basically A Little Klueless Dear BALK, I’m glad you made it to the Wild Salmon Event and thanks for messaging.You reminded me that sometimes environmentalists are so busy, they forget to let everyone … Continued

Young Adults (age 18-35) Wanted

The upcoming Regional Gathering will include a panel called Intergenerational Solidarity: a Young Adult Panel. In the meantime, here are some ways for UU young adults (and sometimes others) to connect about the state of young adult ministry. Join a team at UCV! The following groups are actively seeking one (or more) young adult members: Connect & Engage Contact Sheila Communications contact Mary and Paul, co-chairs Kids Take Over UCV contact the Kids Takeover Team CUC Website Our congregation supported this year-long project Facebook Links Canadian Unitarian Council Youth and Young Adult Ministry page UU Young Adults in Vancouver Closed Group (You can ask to join) 90 members UU Young Adult Connections Closed Group (You can ask to join) A continental group only for those between 18 and 35 1300+members Description There are a lot of UU young adults* wandering the continent but it’s easy for us to … Continued

March 7-9th Arts Event – How It All Began – by Tama and Judy

Canada-Taiwan-Japan Connections By Tama Copithorne Love, Hope and New Life is a three-day arts and music event at the Unitarian Church marking the 7th anniversary of a great natural catastrophe and human tragedy of March 11, 2011 in Eastern Honshu in Japan (The Fukushima area). Offering these events all started with the exhibition of our Vancouver based artist, Judy Villett’s exhibition, “Colours of Canada” in late December, 2017. I rushed to see Judy’s textile art exhibition in late December last year, a few days before the exhibition was to be closed. A fine example of Canadian social art! I called my good Taiwanese Canadian friends who are interested in music and art to see if they would like to go with me to see Judy’s exhibition. They knew nothing about it but they were delighted to join me at the exhibition at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. We all went … Continued

Fish Farms continued: Donations, information, current news

For those of you who attended the Friday February 16 Wild Salmon Event and for those of you who couldn’t make it, here is the link to the video of the event.     If you would like to donate, click on the Maya’xala xan’s Awinakola (“Respect Our Environment”) website and go to the How You Can Help page.  The Respect Our Environment organizers request that you comment that the donation is in relation to the Feb 16 Wild Salmon event so they can split the donation between the Musgamagw Dzawadaneux group and the ‘Namgis Mamalilikala group. They are two different nations who are occupying different fish farms in their 2 territories. For more information: Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw Cleansing Our Waters Alexandra Morton David Suzuki Foundation

Facilitate a Sermon Discussion

The Connect & Engage Committee is looking for volunteers to facilitate informal conversation among newcomers (and regulars). The topic is the Sunday sermon. Our weekly Sermon Discussions are from 12:15 to approximately 1 pm.  This only requires that you sign up for one session per year.  If you’d like to join the team, contact Sheila for further info. You can choose a date at the Volunteer Signup page.

Tsunami-Damaged Kimono Fabric – Reimagined

Peace Building Event Love, Hope and New Life Remembering March 11, 2011 Seven Years after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake /Tsunami 3 Related events: March 7-9 Click here for personal stories from Tama Copithorne and Judy Villett Wednesday March 7th, 7:30pm   Talks and Music Eriko Shiomi, Music & Art Producer, Japan Keiichi Hashizume, Music Educator & Clarinetist, Japan Julia Lin, Author ”The extraordinary bonds between Taiwan and Japan” Dr. David Edgington, Professor Emeritus, UBC “Building back in devastated communities” Dr. Eiichiro Ochiai, Professor Emeritus, Juniata College, Penn. “Health problems related to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident” Thursday March 8th, 10:00am-4:00pm Textile Art Workshop Eriko Shiomi & Judy Villett, Textile artist Friday March 9th, 7:30pm Music for Peace and Textile Art Display Japan Keiichi Hashizume, Clarinetist Vancouver Keiko Alexander, Pianist I Bo Peng,, Cellist I Winds Choir & Egret Choir Reception Sponsored by: Artistic Studio LaLaLa, Tokyo Egret Music … Continued

Kids Will Take Over UCV

Kids Takeover Arts Festival Coming to UCV Inspired by Kids Takeover UBC (who in turn were inspired by Britain’s Arts and Culture Kids Takeover), I am starting an initiative (with Arts Committee support) to plan an Arts Festival for next fall or the following spring (depending on interest and offers from other UCVers). There’s a great start for a committee: Liam and Noella two of our coming-of-agers have joined up. Looking for young adult and a parent/guardian of one or more babies (to represent their babies). Mary Bennett, instigator and co-conspirator Contact me if you have ideas or would like to join the team planning this event.  You’re probably wondering whether “takeover” is one word or two: The answer is both.  Takeover is a noun; take over is the verb. Are you a kid? What would you like to take over at UCV? Lunches? “coffee” hour? the Sunday service? Book … Continued

$8300 raised to support Wild Salmon – Let’s keep going!

Raising awareness as well as funds On Friday, February 16, at the Wild Salmon Info and Fundraiser, $8300 was raised to support wild salmon. Also raised were : awareness, inspiration, hope, knowlege and commitment – to do more. Here are some of the photos of the evening and bios of the speakers and musicians. Thank you to all. Our wonderful organizer and emcee for the evening Tamiko Suzuki.  Musician Bios: Barry Truter is a musician and songwriter who enjoys connecting with audiences through songs celebrating the intimacy and diversity of human experience. He is a longtime member of the Vancouver Folk Song Society, and of the folk group “Fraser Union” with whom he has performed at many BC festivals and conferences, and countless benefits, coffeehouses and activist events over the years. Barry believes in the power of music to unite and engage. He is a co-founder of the Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop and teaches guitar … Continued