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Do you want to know a secret? A tip from Christian

Many UCV’ers are concerned about privacy and security of information right now. Did you know we have PIPA officers? To find out what PIPA is and who to contact click https://safenote.co/r/5e91f46cd4dd05@11333110

Christian (one of our techie support folk) recommends https://safenote.co/ if you need to send someone confidential information such as a password or private zoom link.

The program allows you to decide how long the message will be available, either by length of time (default is 1 day) or number of clicks (default is 1)

I chose: Message Lifetime 7 days or 25 clicks

Since the answer isn’t really a secret, you can just scroll down after listening to the Beatles sing, “Do you want to know a secret?) Listening is optional, it would just get you in the mood.


Not so secret!

Here’s the secret you should get from the above note.

PIPA stands for Personal Information Protection Act. Every organization must have at least one PIPA officer. UCV’s PIPA officers are our Congregational Administrator Aurora ca@vancouverunitarians.ca and Board Member Huguette huguettesansonet@aol.com