Huguette Sansonnet

Huguette is a key person on our Refugee Committee and also the UCV Board.

I am from France and now in British Columbia, an Anglophone province with francophones in a minority.

How did I end up here? In 1974, love brought me here: my husband had a job in BC. Twenty-six years later, after 30 years of marriage, we divorced. Shortly after, I joined the Unitarian Church. I was following a group of my friends who were involved in the Paganism Committee. This is what brought me to UCV, but I soon discovered there was a lot more available. UCV catered to most of my interests—open spirituality, social justice, concern for the environment, refugee support, art, music, dance, literature and a dynamic children’s and youth program. And most important the pagan committee or earth spirit council.

Although my children were all away at university or working, I was already thinking of grandchildren. So I came in 2001. I truly found my spiritual home.

Now I know everyone leaves home eventually. I left the Catholic home before; then the existentialist/atheist home. Will I stay home here?

If I left for any reason, I know I would need to come back to visit and reconnect with all I’ve experienced here. For now, I have no thought of leaving.