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CUC National Programs Update – May 2019

Latest eNews from the May 2019 CUC Annual General Meeting

The New 2019-20 CUC Board:

President: Margaret Wanlin | Western Region | president-board@cuc.ca
Vice-President: Chuck Shields | Eastern Region | chuck@cuc.ca
Treasurer: Joanne Green | Western Region | treasurer@cuc.ca
Secretary: Kiersten Moore | British Columbia Regionkiersten@cuc.ca
BC Region: Michael Scalesmichael@cuc.ca
Central Region: Tanya Cothran | tanya@cuc.ca
Rev. Rodrigo Solano Quesnel | rod@cuc.ca
Eastern Region: Glenna Hanley | glenna@cuc.ca
Minister Observer: Rev. Debra Thorneminister@cuc.ca
Youth Observers: Liv Gardiner and Fiona Butler | yob@cuc.ca

Executive Director: Vyda Ng vyda@cuc.ca

“Sort of” clockwise from 12 o’clock rear: Michael Scales, Kiersten Moore, Vyda Ng, Glenna Hanley, Joanne Green, Rod Solano Quesnel, Chuck Shields, Rev Debra Thorne, Tanya Cothran, Liv Gardiner, Margaret Wanlin. (Thanks for serving this big country!)


And check out this great resource – What we wish people knew about UU – statements from Unitarian Universalist Ministers across Canada, instigated by UCV’s Rev Steven Epperson (the 2019 President of UUMOC – Unitarian Universalist Ministers of Canada) and compiled by UCV’s multi-talented Marcus Hynes.

“Instruments of the Spirit”