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Website Training: How Did It Go?

How did it go? Well. It went well. The class on February 23 was the first in the series described in Carolyn Grant’s Website Training post. And it went well.

Kudos to RevealMax instructor Luke Zukowski, pictured, ably assisted by UCV volunteers Galen Elfert and John Henderson. The class progressed in a single session to the point where we each can create a post like this one, a news post – to use the term Mary Bennett suggests in the UCV Website Usage Guide.

The next class in the series is on March 16. The subject is how to create a post that describes what has yet to take place and so is termed an event. The embedded links in the Events List are to events.

Here is Mary Bennett on these terms:

When people ask me the difference between news post and event, I say simply: If it has a date, time, and a place, it’s an event.

Again, the February 23 class was on how to create a news post. This news post you are reading may change over the next several days to include feedback on the class from others who attended.

The workshop was well organized and clearly presented. I learned what I needed to create and edit news posts. Great and prompt attention to each person’s questions/needs. Thank you! —Rob (February 24)

It is great to have a group of people knowledgeable in WordPress, etc. Good questions and comments. —Randall (February 24)

I thought the teaching and backup were excellent. Thanks, I learned a lot! —Melody (February 25)

I thought the workshop was excellent. It was short and to the point. It gave me the facts that I needed. —MichaelFebruary 25)

The training was excellent. —Sheila L (February 28)