Here are the social media platforms where Vancouver Unitarians are active

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Facebook Page




Google Groups

Click here for a list of google groups. Most are open to anyone who attends UCV.

Some are restricted to members or to members of a certain neighbourhood or committee.

Facebook Groups

The following Facebook groups are available for those attend UCV (and in some cases, any Unitarian or UU).

Members and Friends of Vancouver Unitarians

Earth Spirit Council – Labyrinth, Dance, Ritual  includes “GLAD”, Sacred Circle Dance and Pagan events at UCV

Unitarian Earth Spirit for Unitarians anywhere who would like to share their events and posts around our 6th Source–Earth Spirituality

Unitarian Theatre Goers – UCV members and friends can post when they are going to the theatre and would like to invite others to join them – or give their review of a play or cultural event.

Unitarian Labyrinth Enthusiasts – Open to any Unitarians anywhere who are interested in labyrinths as spiritual practice.

National Groups and Links

You may also be interested in the national organization, Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice.

Canadian Unitarian Council – Love and Justice


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