In December 2016 the then Board of Trustees of UCV established a committee to investigate the merits of partially redeveloping the UCV campus while retaining ownership of all of the property.

This investigation has two goals; 1) to establish whether or not redevelopment will contribute to long-term financial security and sustainability for the church and 2) to establish whether or not it will make a contribution to much-needed affordable, non-market housing in Vancouver.

Vision Statement

At this mid-century point of its life, our vision for the campus of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for the next 50 years is that of a compelling, beautiful, intergenerational home for Unitarians to worship and to celebrate, one respectful of the original design, one that provides an affordable place to live for a cross-section of our community, and a place for all Vancouverites to gather for spiritual enquiry, to enjoy arts and culture, and to engage in dialogue and action on matters of social justice and the environment.

The project must help ensure the long-term stewardship of the UCV assets in a financially and operationally sustainable way into the next 50 years.

Latest Project Updates

Letter from Gordon Gram, Michael Clague Co-Chairs, and the Campus Redevelopment Planning Committee

Letter of Transmittal: Business Plan for Proposed Campus Redevelopment April 3, 2020

Forum Topics and Dates

TBD – Due to Covid, many forums have been postponed. We will post updated information if these are rescheduled online

Concerns and Responses

Members of the Redevelopment Committee and Board of Trustees have distilled the principal concerns expressed in Board meetings and Forum sessions and have provided responses to them based on the work of the committee and others.

Please click HERE to view the current concerns and responses document.

Resources and Documentation

Business Plan (Final Draft)

Click HERE for a PDF version of the Final Draft April 2020.
Note: The version hosted here contains compressed images. For a full-resolution copy, please email Marie Witt ([email protected])


Redevelopment Feasibility Study (Final Draft)

Click HERE for a PDF Version.
Note: The version hosted here contains compressed images. For a full-resolution copy, please email Marie Witt ([email protected])

Related Projects and Committees 

The UCV Redevelopment Committee is dedicated to the research and planning for campus redevelopment. Decision making, regulations, by-laws, and votes are handled by the Board.

Additional research into the future financial sustainability of UCV is reviewed by the Financial Sustainability Taskforce.

Questions and Feedback

For information on Redevelopment: Co-chairs Gordon Gram ([email protected]) Michael Clague ([email protected])

For information on Financial Sustainability: Keith Wilkinson ([email protected])

For information on the consultation process: Diane Brown, board chair  ([email protected])