On April 30th, a multi-platform general meeting will be held starting at 12:30 p.m. after Sunday service. The meeting will be for the purpose of holding a congregational vote on whether to call the Rev. Shawn Gauthier as our next settled Minister.

All members in good standing (who have been members as of 90 days prior to April 30) are eligible to vote.

In person

Registration for those present  in the Sanctuary will begin immediately after the Sunday Service in the Foyer where you will receive your ballot. You may borrow a pencil from a basket if needed. In the meeting, after discussion of the motion has closed, you will be invited to mark your ballot and place it in a basket that will be circulated. Scrutineers will tally the votes in the Sanctuary.


Members joining online on Zoom will be able to participate fully in the meeting. The Zoom will open at Noon, directly after the service – and the meeting will commence at 12:30p.m. When the vote is called, they will be offered an electronic poll to register their vote. Only one member may vote on a device. If there are two members in a household with just one device, then one of the members may arrange for another UCV member to cast a proxy vote for them if they cannot attend in person. Please pre-register here to join the meeting by Zoom.