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. We are an inclusive liberal religious community of diverse beliefs and shared values – spiritual growth, social justice, environmental sustainability, artistic expression, and compassion. Join us! .

This Sunday’s Service

A Tale From the Crypt: Inviting the Image to Speak

Louise Bunn
Sanctuary :: Sunday, May 29 :: 11 am

Lighting the chalice candle starts every service.

What happens when a nice Canadian Unitarian girl encounters a being from a very different time and place? In the depths of the cold crypt of Canterbury Cathedral,   … read more.

Art This Month

The Children of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, in collaboration with the UCV Arts Committee present Faces of Nature.

This exhibit, rendered as masks in mixed media using plaster, acrylic, and found objects is a free exploration of how Nature might appear, or how Nature might feel, as seen through the eyes and art of children.


Historical posts

OakStreet Farmers Mkt logo
After five years of operation, the Oak Street Farmers’ Market has closed. We will not cry because it is over, we will smile and celebrate because it happened.

Historical posts of the Oak Street Farmers’ Market

Are You New to UCV?

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver (UCV) welcomes everyone. And of course, everyone in the video above – Why I Come to UCV – was once new to UCV. If you’re new to UCV, you most likely have in mind one or both of these two questions:

Is this for me? Maybe. See what you think.

Can anyone hold a function here? Yes. Take a look.

We’d be delighted to help you with these questions in person, on the phone, or by email. You can also find out more right now. Click on one of the links (in green) above. Or on the menu at the top of the page, check out the options under Who We Are for the first question, and under Bookings for the second. If you’d like discuss either of these or any other questions with someone here, please contact us.

Featured Photos: Flickr Set

photo credit: Gail Stephan more on Flickr


2016 Canvass

Friday: May 20 – To date we have reached over 80% of our goal.  Thank you to all the generous people who have responded.  For those who haven’t yet replied to our canvass, please help us reach our goal.

Target: $400,000
Progress to target:  $324,867   (81.2%)

Latest info about the 2016 canvass
General Info about Giving
Q&A about Pledging
Pledge now
To get immediate information and talk to a real person, call Ravina Sangara, 604-261-7204 extension 224

We are now over 80% of the way to our goal – nine doors on our pledge poster are now open.  Oops, at the moment we have only a picture with eight doors open.

For those who haven’t yet pledged please chip in – any amount you can! We can make it! This is how a supportive community shares a burden: everybody does what they can, and nobody is left out!

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. –Winston Churchill

Thank you for your generous support.
Liz Monrad
Chair, Canvass Committee

Patrick Dubois

What Else?

What else? Well, there is a lot that goes on around here – at 49th and Oak – and you don’t have to be a member to take part. Anyone can do anything except vote at a general meeting of the church or chair one of the committees. And anyone can go anywhere on this website that a member can. To see for yourself what you can do, click here.