UCV: A Place Where We Can Open Our Minds and Our Hearts

We deeply appreciate the personal and spiritual growth we experience at UCV

  • We find new ways of thinking.
  • We move away from judgement to acceptance of different points of view.
  • We can discover a new personal identity – one member found love!

Our personal and spiritual growth is integral to the interdependent web of the Vancouver Unitarians – guided by our principles and shared values, it grows from participation in our community, our services and our ceremonies, and we show it by walking the talk – all inspired and guided by our minister.

Vancouver Unitarians are grateful for opportunities for lifelong learning in both formal programs and in a wide range of other activities and experiences. We can stretch and expand our skills and find paths to think out our lives.

Over 130 congregants answered 8 Thought-Provoking Questions about their experiences in the UCV congregation. The Congregational Identity Team (CIT – Rob Dainow, Leslie Hill, Marg Fletcher, Naomi Taylor, John Boyle) analyzed these responses into the six major, interdependent themes shown in the figure. PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH is one important theme.

The full CIT report is available online here. You can read more about how the CIT collected and analyzed the 130 responses on page 3, or about how PERSONAL AND SPIRITUAL GROWTH is so important to our congregational identity on page 15.

Explore the Congregational Identity Team and its work at: ucv.im/cit


Congregational Identity