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Tis the Season to be Neighbourly

We’re (re-)initiating neighbourhood groups for Unitarians around Metro Vancouver. Neighbourhood groups might decide to meet monthly for a social time at a regular time, or, more likely, might decide to meet several times per year. Gatherings need someone/s to make decisions and issue the invitation each time there’s an event. All those participating are expected to take a turn at “hosting” an event. Hosting might mean a gathering in your home (You decide how many people, whether there’s food and if so what, and of course the time and date) or it could be arranging an event at a local restaurant, theatre or coffee shop (You decide whether to make reservations and keep a list of who’s coming). In other words, once the Connect & Engage Team helps you connect with those who live in the same area as you, it’s up to you to move forward. We have set up email … Continued

Smiles Build Community

Smiles Build Community by Kiersten Moore We have vibrant children’s programs going on at UCV that are engaging for families and should be continued in one form or another. Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation; Coming of Age; Our Whole Lives; Cosmology explorations; Spirit Play, garden time, etc., as well as peer community building among our children and youth. But what draws the most families in attendance are our special events: the ancestor shrine, pageants, wassail, everybody’s birthday, the services with children directly involved, and ritual celebrations. The number of children who come to the children’s program on Sunday regularly has increased this year and involves 11 to 12 families, 21 children. However, we serve 50 to 60 children over the course of a year, including visitors; those who attend off and on; and members whose children do not connect with “Sunday School”. For every child who engages with our Sunday morning program, … Continued

Jewish Celebrations

Happy Hanukkah and… ? Our congregation had a very successful Hanukkah party on December 9th with 60 people including about a dozen kids of all ages. There were dreidls and menorahs and yes, latkes!  There’s an enthusiastic group of Unitarians with Jewish roots who are getting together to plan events for other Jewish holidays as well as the 2nd Annual Hanukkah party. Contact our Connect & Engage Team if you’d like to get involved. Unitarian-Jewish connections You might be interested in these links to learn more about how Unitarianism and Judaism have connections. Our congregation hasn’t regularly offered gatherings to celebrate Jewish holidays, but there does seem to be some enthusiasm for doing so. Jewish Unitarian Universalists From: Many Unitarian Universalists (UUs) have a connection to Judaism. Whether we are ethnically, culturally, or spiritually Jewish, whether we’re married to a Jewish person, or simply inspired by Jewish wisdom, we have a … Continued

Canadian Colours Art Show with Judy Villett

On Wednesday, November 29th, Mary Bennett from UCV is organizing a guided tour with Judy Villett. To start, meet at Judy’s studio at 100 Braid Street at 1:00 pm. The tour will continue at Place Des Arts at 2:00 pm. The tour will conclude with refreshments at a local café. Please join us! Canadian Colours Textile Art Show Judy Villett, Unitarian Being born in Canada has always felt like a great blessing. I want to share my passion for this country through my textile art. I was 15 when the Union Jack flag was changed to the Maple Leaf. The clean, simple, graphic lines of the Canadian flag have become my framework forthe changing seasons, landscapes, politics and demographics of Canada. I use very basic piecing techniques with a complex design process, assembling commercially printed fabrics, often cutting them to 2” squares and placing them on a design wall where I can study the value, colour and line before … Continued

Unitarian Advent Calendar

Traditions and Events for December One of the creators of the Spirit Play program created a Unitarian Advent Calendar. Could we add Canadian Unitairian significant dates and people?     Most of the graphics have historical events and figures from U.S. connections. I chose these two to put here as they’re related to holidays and traditions that we celebrate at our congregation.   Here’s a youtube video of Malvina Reynold’s song Eight Candles. Here’s more about Malvina Reynolds noting her Jewish background. Resources Recommended by Harvard Square Library Reynolds, Malvina and Emmy Lou Packard. The Malvina Reynolds Songbook. Berkeley: Schroeder Music Company, 1974.   Here’s a song called “Quiet” by Reynolds.

Adult RE Class Begins December 3rd!

Attention Parents and All Adults:  First Sunday of the Month 9:30 a.m. Adult RE Class Begins December 3rd! Join Rev. Steven Epperson and DRE Kiersten Moore in Lindsey-Priestley Room at 9:30 am for our first ever First Sunday Adult RE class on bringing Unitarian Faith Formation into our homes to share with our families.  We will meet to discuss how building our faith and practice is something that happens all through the week, and that the best, most effective site for this to happen is in our own home.  We will share ideas, discuss challenges and best practices.  In preparation, I encourage those planning to attend to take a look at the provocative and inspiring study by Kimberly Sweeney that’s making creative waves throughout the North American UU world. Kiersten and I look forward to meeting with you 9:30-10:30 am in Lindsey-Priestley.  Rev. Steven Epperson The Death of Sunday School … Continued

White Poppies for Peace – Wreath-making

The final wreath-making event happened on Wednesday evening, 10 Nov 2017. Half of the wreathes created were placed at UCV for 11 Nov 2017 and half were placed at the Canadian Memorial United Church and Centre for Peace at 16th and Burrard. Following are photos of the wreathes placed at UCV.                

Global UU News – Nov 2017

I’ve created some links to BC, Canadian, and International UU activities plus some related non-Unitarian organizations under the title Global Community. The tab leading there hadn’t been added to the Community section of our tab structure at time of writing, but I expect it will soon. You can also get there by using the search button on the home page and entering “global”. In faith, Keith Wilkinson

Warriors Against Violence Society

The Outreach Opportunities Fund will be collecting for a First Nations organisation, Warriors Against Violence Society (WAVS), from October until January. WAVS has been in operation since 1998 with the aim of reducing violence against women by helping men learn how to make positive changes in their lives. The program provides the opportunity for participants to share their stories and obtain support, and reclaim traditional values of equality, honour and respect for themselves and others. WAVS provides counselling and support services, health promotion programs and culturally sensitive education and training. Groups meet twice a week at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House. For more information please contact Joyce Fossella at 604 255 3240 Email: Website: