Refugee Support

We advocate for refugees and provide information on refugee issues.  Our goals are to help refugees abroad to come to Canada and to assist those already here. This can involve, for example, apartment hunting, teaching English, giving financial aid, visiting the doctor, gathering household items and clothing, or just lending an ear. We fund-raise by serving lunch monthly, having a weekly Thrift Sale Table and occasionally sponsoring cultural events.

Refugees are brave; their strengths and their cultures enrich us; they contribute much to Canada. Over the years this congregation has sponsored, or helped locally, refugees from Viet Nam, Central America, Burma, Afghanistan, Mexico, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Serbia, and Palestine.

August 14 Message from the Canadian Unitarian Council

Refugee Sponsorship News and Resources from the CUC

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Monthly Meeting: Committee meets on 4th Sunday of each month 12:30 in Biddle

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