Greeting Card Fundraiser for the UCV Refugee Fund

Refugee Greeting Card Fundraiser

20th Century Fashion Details

  1. Detail of a woman’s day coat, late 1920s; incorporating wide panels of hand-done Rajasthani embroidery; collection of Ivan Sayers
  2. Details of a raw silk dress, c. 1906; likely European; drawn-thread work with selected threads removed to create design; collection of Ivan Sayers
  3. Detail of a handbag, 1935-45; hand-embroidered with wool ends by a Swedish immigrant to Canada; collection of Ivan Sayers
  4. Details of a hand-woven wool coat, c. 1929; Vienna Workshop design; collection of Claus Jahnke (
  5. Detail of a woman’s doeskin jacket, c. 1900; Canadian; embroidered in the tradition of the Athabasca First Nation; collection of Ivan Sayers

Many thanks to Claus Jahnke, Ivan Sayers, BC Society for the Museum of Original Costume, and ABC Photo for their contributions to this project. Photo work and card design by Catherine Stewart


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