Topic: LGBTQ Issues

This is What We Do

Renewing our commitment to the Unitarian Principles which call us to act for justice, equity, and environmental sustainability. Let us reaffirm together that the work of our faith is not just renewing our commitment to awareness, but renewing our commitment to being engaged in current issues and current debates.

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Order of Service

Building a Failure Muscle

In the immediate aftermath of failure, be it personal or professional, we languish in a gully of desperation and hopelessness, convinced that we will never taste competence, let alone success, again.
Bouncing back from failure is a practice. Author and UCV member Lorimer Shenher explains how his life’s personal and professional challenges led him to believe in a failure muscle. He explores ways to strengthen ours, not only building our individual resilience, but enabling us to embolden our global quest for justice and peace.

Speaker: Lorimer Shenher

Orlando Six Months Later

An uplifting story of how Orlando Unitarians supported the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shootings and the wider Orlando, Florida community.

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson