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Ponder the Change of Season – We wandered from table to table and considered the return of the light

As part of our Imbolc celebration, participants pondered questions related to the four directions/elements. Volunteers set up altars with objects – including food – that correspond to their direction/element.


Marie set up North including plant, rock, salt and salted dark chocolate bar.

The North brings solid land.

  • How is your body changing from winter to spring?
  • How are you connecting to the Earth now?
  • Are you preparing to plant?


Cindy set up the West/Water table.

The West brings flowing and raining

  • Are you dancing in the rain?
  • Or feel it’s raining on your parade?
  • Where would you like more flow?

Mairy did the South Altar.

The South brings light and warmth

  • What is heating up for you?
  • Is anything in your life “going south”?
  • Do you want to turn up the heat?



Gabby had popcorn for us in the East/Air.

The East brings Fresh Spring Breezes

  • Can you feel them yet?
  • What are they stirring up?
  • What is the scent and feeling on your skin?


Mary set up the central altar with snowdrops that will now be planted in the garden path labyrinth.


We also danced three circle dances (some danced; some drummed)

Vigil: keep warm through the cold night, as the spring will come again

Birghitta: welcoming the Goddess Brigid

Bells of Norwich – All shall be well again, I know. Love like the yellow daffodil…


Everyone got a snowdrop to take home and plant.

Living Labyrinth March 2018

Here are some recent photos of our labyrinth. Photo credit: Darlene Rainbow

May 5th is World Labyrinth Day and that weekend is also Jane’s Walks (in honour of Jane Jacobs).

We will celebrate both on Sunday, May 6th, with a labyrinth walk and workshop. Details will be posted when finalized.

The labyrinths (yes, we have two) are there 24/7 – so you can drop by any time and have a pleasant walk by yourself or with a group. If you’d like to help support the labyrinth with time, funds or plants, contact the Labyrinth Team by email.

Mairy and Mary will host a program for the kids in the First Sunday First Hour. All welcome.

A grounds work party is hosted every month on the third Saturday from 9 am on. Patti provides snacks and advice if desired. If you can help tend the labyrinth at that time, just show up and tell Patti.




Click here for our Labyrinth Page for more information.