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Your GSA invites you to a Netflix party – Thursday April 16 7 pm

Netflix Watch Party: ‘Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall’


Several of us (Debra,Kiersten and Mary) on the UCV Genders and Sexualities Alliance will be online watching this film.

We may be able to have the chat just for our group and friends.

Here’s the information from the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

You’re invited to the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s first online Watch Party, happening Thursday, April 16th at 7PM. Connect with us, and each other as we come together to watch ‘Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall’.

This feature-length documentary screened at VQFF 2017, and we’re so excited to experience it again with you (from the safety of our homes). ‘Behind the Curtain: Todrick Hall’ is a fiercely fun and inspiring behind the scenes look into Hall’s journey producing music, a visual album and musical stage tour in a heart-stopping production schedule of mere months.

To join our Watch Party, follow the link below to get your free ticket. We’ll send you a link to the screening by 6:50 pm on Thursday, April 16th. We’re using the newly created ‘Netflix Party’ Google Chrome extension that allows users to synchronize viewing with friends and chat while watching together. You will need a Netflix account and the Google Chrome browser to watch with us and join the conversation.

Get your FREE ticket

VQFF Artistic Director, Anoushka Ratnarajah will be online to take note of any questions you have during the screening, and hosting a follow up Q&A live on our Instagram the following day, Friday April 17th at 6 PM.

Volunteer Roles for Annual Women’s Gathering

Update: The event was very successful thanks to so many women who stepped up to help.


—post from January below—

You can still register to attend our annual Women’s Gathering. Scroll down for link to register.

And we’re still looking for some help to ensure the evening goes smoothly. Many of the volunteer roles are for a 15-minute shift. Many hands make light work and all that. If lots of people sign up then everyone can have lots of free time as well.

Below are descriptions of some of the needs at this point.

Want to be a Lamp Lighter?

If you like sparkly, shiny things (like twinkle lights and lanterns with live flames), and you’re coming to the annual Women’s gathering, I’m looking for 2-4 people available at 5 pm to put out the lanterns and lights around the property and indoors. Kinga is coordinating this endeavour. She likes sparkly, shiny things.

Night Owls?

We have a good crew ready to come early and help set up the decor and food arrangements for the potluck. And now need to have a few stalwarts who will be the last to leave: do a final cleanup; move furniture back to where it belongs; do a final dishwasher load; check on lights and locked doors etc.  And of course to bring IN and store the twinkle lights and lanterns! With many hands we’ll be done by 9:30 pm.

Collage Space

An extra set of hands (or two) to help Coral and Laurie arrange things for the drop-in Collage Space 7-9 pm so they can enjoy other aspects of the evening. Perhaps some of you registered for the afternoon workshop would drop in now and again and offer some support to rookie collage makers.

Divination/Meditation Room

Jodie will set up the Meditation room with runes and some handouts but we’d like to make sure there’s a volunteer in the space from 7-9 pm to answer questions and just welcome people into the space. You don’t need to know a lot about runes, but knowing a little bit would be helpful. Probably some of the people who have attended Jodie’s recent workshops will be available. There will be posters up giving the meaning of each of the 24 runes and some suggestions for a “reading”.

Mathom Mashup

Biddle Room will be set up for our yearly swap meet. Kinga needs a few more people to check in every half hour or so and make sure the wares are looking tidy. She may need help at the end to box up the stuff left and make sure the box(es) are labeled for the Refugee Committee to get the following Sunday. Arrange with the caretaker Igor or a keyholder to put boxes into the office. (Bringing plastic bags or shopping bags and perhaps even bubble wrap would help the items get to the right place!)

Women’s Groups Panel

We are inviting women who would like to be in a women’s group to come to the Fireside Room from 6:30-7 pm (with their dessert). Sheila Resels will facilitate a discussion. If you are currently (or have been) in a women’s group, through UCV or elsewhere, we hope you’d join a panel to share different kinds of women’s groups. We feel that would help those who would like to be in a group form an idea of what they would want in a group. They might then join together and put the word out through UCV to invite other women to join or express interest.

Make Posters for the Women’s March

If you can bring some poster making supplies for the 7:30 – 8:30 pm workshop with Cayla, it would be appreciated. Cardboard, sharpies, markers, glue gun, glue sticks…

Click here for details on the gathering and how to register.




Rental Discount for Not for Profit Groups

We have a variety of room sizes and arrangements available for rent when the congregation is not using them.

We offer a special discount of 10% for not-for-profit groups. Contact Marcus.  More details here.

Some of the organizations who rent space with us are:


Note: to be eligible for discount, the organization must have a charity number or registered society number.