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Doug Ennenberg at the Fringe

Our own Douglas Ennenberg, chair of the Program Coordinating Council, co-chair of the Arts Committee and Board Member has a show at the Vancouver Fringe. It’s one of three pieces in Waterborne BLUE program.

O Sandana 150M
Lead Artist: Douglas Ennenberg

150 million years later… the world stops—and out of the basic elements, sand and water, comes… life. Under the sun, Sandadians build beautiful castles, sing the National Sandthem, and glorify the Sandadian flag. Meanwhile, under the stars, Wateries plan their attack. On the natural/industrial stage of the grassy knoll on Granville Island, two cultures try to make peace. Fantastical. Apocalyptic. Puppets.

NOTE: Although the link below says False Creek Gym, it’s actually outdoors in Ron Basford Park–just east of Performance Works on Granville Island.


75 minutes / Coarse language

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