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Intergenerational Dinner a Success!


Above: Food prep for the Intergen gathering in March 2019

Over 70 participants and volunteers had a great time at last Friday’s  March 15 Intergen gathering.

The evening started with a delicious dinner of appetizers, vegan curry, minestrone soup, spinach salad, organic bread, and  a table’s worth of desserts.

Thanks UBC Sprouts-Community Eats for your donation of produce! A big thanks to the volunteers from the Environment Team and Love Soup who planned and cooked the dinner, and cleaned up.

Dinner over, our stomachs full, we were eager to hear what the evening’s program would bring and we weren’t disappointed.


Intergenerational Activists Gathering. What Is This?!

Above: Intergenerational Dinner at Hewett Centre, January 2017

On Friday March 15, the UCV Enviro Team is hosting its
Third Intergenerational Activists Gathering

What’s this “Intergenerational thing-a-ma-jig?” you wonder.

We’re glad you asked!

Aside from the somewhat unwieldy name, the “Intergen dinner” (short hand title) first arose in 2017 from a chance encounter that UCV member, Tamiko Suzuki, had with a group of young environmental activists in the community.

The young women were complaining of burnout, feeling isolated and unheard, and were wondering if their efforts were worth it.

Coincidentally, Tamiko had been hearing the same complaints from the UCV Environment Team as veterans of past campaigns such as Clayoquot sound, and the anti-nuclear and anti-war movements wondered who would take up the battle after them.


Get RADICAL With The Environment Team

With breathtaking cinematography, The RADICALS is a documentary film that follows four snowboarders and surfers driven to become social and environmental stewards through their connection with the environments in which they play

At least 80 people braved our snowy Vancouver weather on Friday, Feb. 15 to come watch the incredible movie “The Radicals” – where environmentalism meets action sports. — The event introduced the audience to members of a new generation of activists in British Columbia.

The filmmaker and some of those involved in the film provided commentary and answered questions. Over $1200 was contributed to the three Indigenous groups featured in the film.

Another successful event from the Environment Team!

Three Environmental Events Coming to UCV

Above: Connecting to the environments in which we play. — Image from The Radicals

Whether you are a longtime environmentalist concerned about oil tankers and other issues, a social justice activist supporting First Nations concerns — or if you know nothing about these topics and feel now is a good time to start learning — the Environment Team is hosting three upcoming events for you!


All Ages Activists Gathering #2

Summer potluck picnic!

Building on the interest of the All Ages (Intergenerational) Activists Dinner held at the church in January, let’s share a bit of food and continue the discussion! This time we’ll meet outdoors at Trout Lake, sit on blankets, meet old and new friends, and talk about what direction we’d like these and future gatherings to take.
Rumour is that there may be some musical entertainment too!

Date: Saturday Aug 12, 2017
Time: 2 – 4:30 pm
Where: Trout Lake at the south end. Look for the white tents

Bring food to share (you can pick something up at the Trout Lake Farmers market!), your own plates and cutlery, and chairs if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground.

For more information or if you would like to help out, contact: Tamiko Suzuki

If the weather looks iffy, check this website on the morning of the event.

January 2017 All Ages Activists Dinner #1

Above: Anjali Appadurai from West Coast Environmental Law shares her experiences from the perspective of a younger generation of environmental activists

On January 20, 2017, over 80 activists from across the ages shared a meal and their experiences in Hewett Centre.

Older activists, including speaker Karl Perrin, shared experiences going back to the 1960’s, while younger activists, such as speaker Anjali Appadurai from West Coast Environmental Law, shared more recent experiences and concerns.

Everyone talked of the challenges in organizing and taking action in today’s world. The takeaway lesson was that we all realized how much we have in common whatever our age.

We hope these intergenerational conversations will continue in future gatherings.