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Dialogue in Bee Time — May 20th is World Bee Day

Photo: Bumble bee queen (Bombus sylvarum) on blueweed (Echium vulgare)
Photo Credit: Ivar Leidus CC by SA 4.0

Dialogue in Bee Time

We revisit a talk given by Dr. Mark Winston on his book tentatively titled, Dialogue in Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive

Dialogue in Bee Time, photo of Mark Winston

Earth Day
April 22, 2012

Dr. Mark Winston
Guest Speaker

Dr. Winston is recognized as the world’s leading expert on bees and pollination.

single quote

Bees are in trouble today. And bees have something to teach us. It’s about the resilience of nature, human hubris, and the limits to our human ability to manage climate change

According to Dr. Winston, there are over 20,000 species of wild bees, many hundred species of wild bees in Canada, and 57 species of wild bees in Vancouver. Wild bees nest in the ground, in twigs and in abandoned mouse dens. Honey bees (domesticated bees) were introduced to British Columbia in about 1857.

Dr. Winston says, honey bees are telling us we can only push things so far. Wild bees are telling us that diversity is good. Providing space for that diversity is to our human advantage. Bees are not the same as people. But like us bees are social and live in communities that interact with the nature around us. …

Playlist: Rethinking Reconciliation

A fundamental rethink is needed to save Canada’s reconciliation project from being an on-going massive failure. — Bruce McIvor

UCV Podcasts

Rethinking Reconciliation


1 Reconciliation is a Massive Failure with Bruce McIvor, Lawyer and Historian (16:34 mins)
2 Reflections on Reconciliation with Aline Laflamme, Metis Elder, and Bruce McIvor, Lawyer and Historian (23:15 mins)
3 Settler Colonialism, Indigenous People and Unitarianism with Cole Harris, UBC Professor Emeritus (31:21 mins)
4 Arrested! One Settlers Journey To and From Vancouver Unitarians with Nan Gregory, Storyteller and Artist (22:21 mins)
5 Indigenous People and the Law, Stories of Resistance and Hope with Bruce McIvor, Lawyer and Historian (23:44 mins)

Guest Speakers

Bruce McIvor
is a proud Métis from the Red River in Manitoba. He holds a law degree, a doctorate in Aboriginal and environmental history, is a Fulbright Scholar and adjunct professor at the UBC Allard School of Law

Aline LaFlamme
Her name means the light (Aline) and the flame (LaFlamme.) She also carries the name Many Buffalo Running. Aline is a grandmother and Metis from Alberta. Among her many gifts she leads a drumming circle called Daughters of the Drum

Cole Harris
is a Professor Emeritus at the University of British Columbia and an internationally renowned historical geographer. His academic field is colonialism and the native land question in British Columbia, and patterns of early Canadian settlement

Nan Gregory
is a professional storyteller, artist and award-winning author. Born in Boston Massachusetts, she grew up in Victoria British Columbia, and now makes her home in Vancouver. Nan pleaded guilty to criminal contempt for protesting TMX

Above: Nan Gregory gets carted away for protesting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline


Bruce McIvor

Aline LaFlamme


Cole Harris

Nan Gregory