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Herbs and Four Directions

Altar set up for a summer solstice celebration with noisemakers, colours and herbs representing the four directions/ elements.

In our earth spirit gatherings, we call the four directions (or elements), a metaphor for bringing into our awareness various qualities that provide balance in our lives and relationships.

In our earth spirit circles we often include baskets of the following herbs – available for enjoying – and taking a sprig of each home with you.

  • East – Air – Lavender
  • South – Fire – Rosemary / Bay Leaf
  • West – Water – Thyme
  • North – Earth – Sage

We also sometimes include sound to correspond to the 4 elements/directions:

  • East – Tin flute – Yellow
  • South – String instrument – Red
  • West – Rainstick – Blue
  • North – Drum – Green

For added fun, we have “bubble wands” in the four colours. Kids enjoy walking/running the labyrinth spreading joy and happiness with bubbles!