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Vancouver Unitarians Cherish Our Community

How do we see ourselves as we transition to our next settled minister?

We cherish our community – our people, the quality of our relationships, the respectful way we interact with each other, and how we strengthen our connections through activities both within and beyond our congregation.

Over 130 congregants answered 8 Thought-Provoking Questions about their experiences in the UCV congregation. The Congregational Identity Team (CIT – Rob Dainow, Leslie Hill, Marg Fletcher, Naomi Taylor, John Boyle) analyzed these responses into the six major, interdependent themes shown in the figure. COMMUNITY is one important theme.

Many people spoke of “finding a home” at UCV, of our openness to all new members, and a desire to increase the ethnic and economic diversity of our congregation and the number of younger persons and family members, and our general openness to all new members.

“We create this congregation together: it is not given from above.”

The full CIT report is available online here. You can read more about how the CIT collected and analyzed the 130 responses on page 3, or about how COMMUNITY is so important to our congregational identity on page 6.