Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Steven Epperson is the Parish minister.


Many good reasons gather us as a Unitarian congregation. A principal reason is for the experience of belonging – of being seen, known, and appreciated by others and participating in something of value and meaning – something larger than our individual selves. Join us for a celebration of community and in recognition of all the good volunteer service that happens at UCV.

An all-congregational worship led by Rev. Epperson, the UCV children and the Chalice Choir.

Mother’s Day and Flower Communion

The Flower Communion is a central rite for Unitarians around the world. At UCV it coincides with Mother’s Day, celebrating how our individual contributions to mentoring/parenting/mothering enable our children and young people to grow up and flourish as adults.
Please bring some flowers to share! (We’ll also hear something about the phenomenon of emotional/interpretive labour.)
Helen Hansen vocals and Michael Creber piano and the Chalice Choir sings.

Order of Service

May 12 2019 - Mothers Day Flower Communion (467.0 KiB)


Air Communion

Each year, our worship services feature classic elements of water, earth, and fire as means for celebrating our communion as a congregation. We share feelings and thoughts together in fellowship when we bring water in September, flowers on Mother’s Day and when we kindle flames on the last Sunday of the year. Today, we bring air, the fourth element to our service. Come prepared to breathe.

Order of Service

May 26 2019 - Air Communion (369.8 KiB)

Finding Balance

In this First Sunday all – congregation worship service we’ll be exploring ways in which we can be a people of balance. The ideal and practice of finding balance has been a key feature in religions, the sciences, the arts, and in our lived encounter with the rhythms of nature and the stages of our own lives.

Order of Service

May 5 2019 - Finding Balance (459.3 KiB)

Labour and Capital in Canada

One hundred years ago, working women and men staged strikes across Canada (with its epicentre in Winnipeg) in protest against unemployment, inflation, bad work conditions, low wages and in favour of collective bargaining. Management and government responded with massive obstruction and violence. It would take another three decades before Canadian workers secured union recognition and collective bargaining rights.

Consider this a May Day sermon.

Music by the Fraser Union

Order of Service

April 28 2019 - Labour And Capital (449.3 KiB)

Embracing the Future

Our pledge drive kick-off lifts up and celebrates the vision of our congregation and its future. More than ever, the importance of a self-defining, self-governing and self-financing congregation strikes me as both visionary and essential for sustaining the deeper meaning and purpose of our community and our faith.

The Chalice Choir and Michael & Eleanore Dunn will perform.

Order of Service:

April 7 2019 - Embracing The Future (478.0 KiB)




2019-04-07 Embracing Our Future (58.9 KiB)


‘Owning’ What We Create

As Women’s History month comes to an end, we’ll be looking at two significant women: Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley—mother and daughter—and the extraordinary legacy of their lives and writing. Wollstonecraft’s Vindication of the Rights of Women, 1792, was a ground-breaking work that resonates today; Shelley’s Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus, 1818, written when she was eighteen years old…well, we all know about that one, don’t we?

Order of Service

March 31 2019 - Owning What We Create (553.2 KiB)


2019-03-31 Owning What We Create (84.9 KiB)

Religious Naturalism

While sharing core values, Unitarians, worldwide, are noted for theological diversity that ranges from pagan spirituality to secular humanism. We’ll be looking at a rich source drawn from our theological diversity, called “religious naturalism.”

While viewing that the natural world is all we have reason to believe exists, religious naturalism is deeply attuned to a sense of reverence in response to the beauty and scope of the natural world.

Order of Service

March 24 2019 - Religious Naturalism (429.9 KiB)


2019-04-14 Religious Naturalism - Take Two (96.2 KiB)



Creativity A First Sunday, all-congregation worship service.

Claiming not to have all the answers to life’s question means Unitarians have tended to value creativity in our theology, congregational life, and in our homes, work and personal lives. Thinking, wondering, imagination, fluidity, and awe are hallmarks of creativity and our Unitarian way.

Let’s celebrate how it adds value to our play, problem solving and justice making (to name a few).

Order of Service

March 3 2019 - Creativity (594.2 KiB)