Speaker: Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Steven Epperson is the Parish minister.

Candlelight Service with the Chalice Choir

We celebrate the turning of the seasons and the many festivities of December in this, our annual Candlelight service.  Join us for this joyful event featuring holiday poems, prose, and music.  A great event for all—whether we come alone or in the company of family and friends.

A light, potluck follows in Hewett Hall—bring a holiday dish to share.

Letting Go

So often, we struggle for things to stay the same—relationships, jobs, identity; and for good reason—letting go is hard.  We cling to what is and often fear the unknown of what may be.  As the season of Autumn winds down and Winter approaches, are there things we can learn from Nature and each other about accepting and embracing change?

The Farthest Shore

Ursula LeGuin was one of the literary greats of the 20th century, a wise, radical trailblazer who, across more than 50 books—novels, poetry, translations and criticism—expanded and deepened the boundaries of science fiction and fantasy literature. This service will feature an exploration of one of her greatest works—The Farthest Shore. 

“I look forward to sharing it with you.”  Steven Epperson

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Encountering our Ancestors XV  

It’s the season of Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. For the fifteenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian Universalist history to experience their stories. Join us to welcome these visitors from the past: an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition.

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See previous Ancestors services at: http://vancouverunitarians.ca/topic/ancestors/

Last Year’s Podcast: Encountering our Ancestors XIV

UN Sunday and Gibbard Award

Join us for a Celebration of UN Sunday and the opportunity to meet and hear from this year’s John Gibbard Award winner. “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.” We still affirm this principle and extend our support for the vision and effective work of the UN.

Shawna Narayan http://shawnanarayan.ca/ is this year’s Gibbard Award winner and will speak this Sunday during the Sunday service. 

The John Gibbard Memorial Award is presented annually by the Vancouver Branch of the UN Association
in Canada in recognition and memory of John Gibbard, who was a supporter of the League of Nations from
its creation in 1919, in the wake of the First World War. When the League ceased to exist, John Gibbard
continued to support the ideals upon which the League had been founded. When the United Nations was
formed after the Second World War, he became an active member of the UN Association in Canada. He was
dedicated to involving youth in the creation of a better world for all.
2019 John Gibbard Award Winner Shawna Narayan is a 23-year-old Founder and Executive Director of
Empower The Future,” a non-profit that aims to support inner-city high school students with the transition
from high school to post-secondary life through mentorship. She also works to motivate more females to
enter in STEM fields via her “Women in STEM Project.” Due to her work in these and other projects, as
well as academic excellence, she is the youngest recipient of the Medal of Good Citizenship from the
Government of British Columbia.


On this Thanksgiving Sunday, let’s imagine what belonging may look and feel like.  We want to be welcoming, but sometimes in our actions and words, we may create a sense of non-belonging. In this month of belonging, may we work hard to make our actions and words reflect our hope and promise that all are welcome.

Rev. Steven Epperson with special guests

Nature’s Greatest Architects? 

We celebrate BC/World River’s Day by paying our respects to Canada’s official emblem and symbol of our nation’s sovereignty—Castor canadensis: the beaver.  We may think they’re just cute (or a nuisance), but the fact is beavers sculpted our landscapes and provided flourishing habitat to myriad life forms; they are one of Nature’s keystone species.  Hounded to near extinction at the end of the 19th century, they’re making a significant comeback and we’ll explore just why that’s so important.

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Finding Solace

Sept 22  Finding Solace (Rev. Steven Epperson)

How do we console one another?  Where do we go and what does it look like?  In times of job precarity, shocks to health, loss of a loved one, a planet heating up—more than ever we need one another and honest words and deeds of solidarity and solace.

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Water Communion / In-Gathering

We celebrate the in-gathering of our congregation and the beginning of its 2019-20 year with our annual Water Communion. Please bring some water from your summer experiences, as well as an object like a photo, seashell, stone, or feather, that’s special to you. We’ll fill our common bowl and create an altar.

(Image: print from Four Elements series by Joanne Brown; used with permission)

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