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Religious Naturalism

While sharing core values, Unitarians, worldwide, are noted for theological diversity that ranges from pagan spirituality to secular humanism. We’ll be looking at a rich source drawn from our theological diversity, called “religious naturalism.”

While viewing that the natural world is all we have reason to … read more.

A Beautiful World of Broken Hearts

Justice work is the mystic’s path.

Guest minister Rev. Ron Phares invites us to contemplate justice and the opportunities it offers to create a more beautiful world and a more connected spirituality. We will walk reflectively from heartbreak to joy in pursuit of justice, equity, and … read more.

Sanctuary and the Vision of Religion

The principle and practice of providing sanctuary has been a lesser known but core feature of the religious vision from the beginnings of cultures down to the present.
Exploring the rites and right of sanctuary is a fitting way to commemorate this year’s Martin Luther … read more.

No One Is Illegal

What did Egyptian border guards say to Mary, Joseph and their infant son when they fled a murderous tyrant and sought refuge in the land of Egypt? In an age when millions are on the road and high seas in search for a better world, … read more.

Seeds – The Stuff and Staff of Life

We live in a world of seeds. They support our diets, economies and civilizations. They are objects of beauty and evolutionary wonder. We’ll be surprised and awed by how they’ve shaped the world and human history. A good way to prepare for this year’s Advent … read more.

In Memoriam: Remembrance Day

This is the one hundredth anniversary of the ending of World War I. We commemorate this Remembrance Day in a service of poetry, music and meditation. We gather to feel and think on the tragedy of war and the gifts of peace. We honour those … read more.

Peak Bull

It’s no secret that we’re contending with a world awash in bullying, post-truth, and alternative facts. Unitarians are committed by covenant to a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

We look at what’s being called the new war on truth and consider how we … read more.