Email Groups and Web Forums

Various committees, neighbourhood groups and affinity/interest groups host email groups that are open to those who are part of that group. Most groups are googlegroups. This is also the platform chosen by CUC for their groups.

Here are some that may be of interest to you. Usually your request will be forwarded to a moderator of the email list or forum and you’ll receive a response within a day or two.

Vancouver Unitarians Email Discussion Group (aka UCV Chat)

Open to all members, friends and adherents. There are about 100 people and an average of 25-30 messages per month.

Join by sending an email to [email protected]

NEW! Web Forum – for Members Only

This has been set up to discuss topics of UCV business, usually topics that may come to a general meeting or board/committee meeting.

Topics are posted by board members or committee/task force chairs. To view the topics click here.

Members can post their comments and questions. Join by sending an email to [email protected]

This Week at UCV

This is an “announcement” email group – you’ll receive only one message each week from Marcus with the upcoming Sunday’s program for the Sunday service and a list of the next week’s events with links (taken from the Events List on our website).

To subscribe to this group, send an email to
Visit this group at

Neighbourhood Group Email Lists

Various neighbourhood groups have their own email groups for posting about regular events and also spontaneous invitations from those who live nearby.

Earth Spirituality

Anyone who has attended one of the Earth Spirit Circle are invited to join this group.

Join by sending an email to [email protected]

Environment Team

Hosts several email groups: one for the core committee and a larger discussion email group where people post related information and events. Rob Dainow is the moderator of these.

[email protected] is a new project and for those interested in reducing their own waste and also working with others to improve waste reduction at UCV. Contact [email protected] for information